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Guidelines Tuition Exchange

Barry University participates in Tuition Exchange, a not-for-profit reciprocal scholarship program that makes it possible for the dependents of faculty and staff at participating colleges and universities to apply for full tuition scholarships at partner institutions.

Dependents of Barry University faculty and staff may apply for a Tuition Exchange scholarship at over 600 participating colleges and universities.

Export Policy

(Dependents of full-time Barry faculty/staff applying to attend other schools on the Tuition Exchange Scholarship.)

December 13 is the deadline to submit a new tuition exchange application for the next academic year. No applications will be considered after that date.


  • Eligible Employee: Any currently employed Barry University full-time faculty or staff, who has completed at least one (1) calendar year of full-time service at Barry University. Your one-year anniversary must be by August 1 preceding the use of a TE Scholarship.
  • Dependent Child: Any child born to an employee, legally adopted by an employee, or for whom legal guardianship can be documented.  Ordinarily, children meeting requirements for dependence set forth by the Internal Revenue Service will qualify.
  • Applicant: The dependent child of an eligible employee who has applied for full-time, undergraduate study to a college or university that participates in the TE program.  Scholarships are not granted for graduate, non-degree study, or second undergraduate degrees.
  • Maximum Scholarship: TE scholarships will not exceed a maximum of four years (8 semesters) per eligible student.
  • Tuition Exchange Liaison Officers: Mrs. Aida Claro, Director of Financial Aid.


  • As soon as possible after September 15th of the current academic year, dependent children of Barry University faculty and staff who are seeking admission to a partner institution will notify the TE Liaison Officers of intent to apply for a TE scholarship for the following year. The Barry employee should complete the Tuition Exchange Application.
  • The TE Liaison Officers will verify the eligibility and seniority of the employee/parent with Human Resources.
  • Eligibility to apply for a TE scholarship is determined by Barry University.  However, TE scholarships are granted by the host institution. Barry University cannot guarantee that any applicant, no matter how well qualified, will receive a TE scholarship from the host institution that may choose to restrict its imports if their number exceeds exports.
  • Students will ordinarily be able to remain in the program for up to four years, but continued participation depends upon yearly certification of eligibility, the student’s adequate academic standing at the host institution, and Barry University’s ability to attract sufficient “imports” to offset or balance its “exports”.  Accordingly, recertification will be completed by the TE Liaison Officers and processed in a timely manner every year. Barry hopes to be able to continue students on the TE for their enrollment time at their host institution.
  • If a TE recipient takes a leave of absence, withdraws from school, studies abroad or graduates, the student must notify the TE Liaison Officers at both Barry University and the host institution immediately.
  • TE scholarships will not be terminated if the employee retires, dies, or becomes totally disabled. In the event of termination of employment (voluntary or involuntary), the TE scholarship will continue without penalty until the end of the then current semester, then cancelled.
  • Barry University reserves the right to modify these Guidelines to insure an appropriate balance between “import” and “export” students.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant for Tuition Exchange to assure that all required application and response times are met. Applicants not adhering to specified deadline dates will not be eligible for participation in the program.

Checklist Summary:

  • During the Summer and Fall review the list of institutions that participate in Tuition Exchange at and complete appropriate admission applications.
  • As soon as possible after September 15th, complete the “Tuition Exchange Application”.
  • By the end of December Barry will select the TE scholarship applicants that are approved for sponsorship (certification) to go to other schools. Subsequent TE applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis as long as we have a sufficient number of export slots available.
  • Remember to contact the Liaison Officers at the Financial Aid Office in the Fall of each year to recertify (renew) your Tuition Exchange eligibility.

Import Policy

(Incoming students to Barry University with qualifying parents employed at a tuition exchange institution desiring to apply for the Tuition Exchange Scholarship in order to attend Barry.)

The following guidelines are applicable to students who wish to attend Barry University as tuition exchange scholarship students (imports):

  • Undergraduate Education – TE scholarships are for tuition expenses only for students who are enrolled full time in the traditional undergraduate program at the Miami Shores campus. Qualified applicants must be first-time, first-year freshmen, transfer students or currently enrolled students as defined by Barry University. Graduate students, non-degree seeking students, visiting students and students seeking a second undergraduate degree will not be eligible for TE scholarships. TE scholarship funds can be used for the Fall, Spring and summer semesters.
  • Certificate of Eligibility for TE scholarship – A TE eligibility letter or on-line application from the home institution certifying a student’s eligibility for TE funds must be submitted to Barry University from the exporting school.
  • Application Deadline

    • Freshman and Transfer applicants - To receive primary consideration as a TE scholarship recipient, the student must be officially accepted to Barry and the exporting institution must submit a TE eligibility notification by May 15. (We encourage application as soon as possible after September 30th).
    • Students who are currently enrolled at Barry – and become certified by a member institution, must notify the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible in order to be considered for any TE scholarship funds that may become available.
  • Selection Process – The liaison officers at Barry will award Tuition Exchange Scholarships based on a mixture of academic merit, financial need and timeliness of TE application.
  • Notification Process – The liaison officer at Barry will notify the student in writing via email/letter that his or her application has been accepted or rejected.
  • Maximum Scholarship - TE scholarships will not exceed a maximum of 8 semesters per eligible applicant and can be renewable each year. Current recipients have priority over new applicants. Recipients must remain in good standing (not on probation or suspension) at all times with the institutions that they are attending in order to retain the scholarships. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 should be maintained.
  • Amount of Tuition Exchange Scholarship – The Tuition Exchange Scholarship will be combined with other institutional scholarships, grants and discounts so that 100% of tuition is covered. Only Federal Pell Grants, loans, work and outside scholarships will be able to exceed the direct cost of tuition.
  • If a student takes a medical withdrawal, his or her TE scholarship will remain available for the subsequent year. If not reinstated during that year, he or she will have the opportunity to reapply for the scholarship when he or she reenrolls.
  • If a student leaves or is dismissed from Barry for any reason other than a medical withdrawal, the TE scholarship will be forfeited.

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