Barry goes to UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

Education, Leadership and Human Development

Dec 15, 2021. 2 min

Education, Leadership and Human Development Barry goes to UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

The increasing effects of climate change can be felt throughout the world. From record-breaking temperatures to catastrophic floods, the damages have lasting effects on communities - particularly those in the most vulnerable countries. With livelihoods at stake, the cost of inaction is irreversible. In this video students from Barry University partnered with the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) to urge world leaders to take action at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow, Scotland November 3-12 2021.

The CVF highlights 55 countries that are unfairly and negatively impacted by climate change - yet are contributing to the crisis the least. The CVF also recognizes the significant impact the state of your environment can have on mental health. With the help of Professor Saima Hossain and Dr. Lilia Dibello from the Psychology Program in ADSOE, and Dr. Anita Zavodska from the Biology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences, 7 Barry students (Rebekah Schlaeger, Gisela Regalado, Victoria Martinez Mercado, Sierra Moss, Aliana Bennazar, Jaylon Rogers, Joseph Minani) from climate-vulnerable countries were recruited to tell their compelling stories, highlighting how climate change has personally affected them and their communities.

Thank you to our incredible faculty, Professors Saima Hossai and Anita Zavodska, for taking this inspiring message from our students, overseas and being proactive in the fight to save our planet.

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