Chemistry Grads Shine In The Pharmaceutical Field

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Jul 06, 2021. 3 min read

Arts & Sciences Chemistry Grads Shine In The Pharmaceutical Field

Finding your perfect job in the pharmaceutical field is all about chemistry — literally! Within the booming industry, Barry Chemistry graduates are making their mark by following their dream career paths at leading companies. These alums credit Barry’s hands-on curriculum and direct faculty mentorship with preparing them to enter their chosen field with the experience they need to excel.

But what kinds of pharmaceutical careers are these grads pursuing? From lab positions with major vaccine researchers to R&D roles with over-the-counter drug producers, our alums are honing their skills and exploring their passions. Just ask recent Chemistry grads Audreena Baker (’19), Emily Londono (’20), and Jeremiah Paul (’20)—all shining stars in the field. They talked to us about their current careers, how their Barry experience is helping them succeed, and where they intend to go from here.

Where are you working now, and what do you love most about your job?

Audreena: I am currently a quality control chemist at Tarmac Products, Inc. My favorite aspect of my job is testing products and raw material. I find the manufacturing process interesting, since there are many steps and processes during production and before the products reach the market. I feel privileged and committed, as I am entrusted with the task of ensuring that products test within parameters set forth by the company and within the guidelines of the FDA. 

Emily: I currently work at PL Developments as an analytical scientist. I’ve been there for six months now. My favorite aspect of my job is that I’m constantly given new projects, so I’m always busy and learning new instrumentation and skills. I work in research and development, so at times I’m given an experiment that will later on help with a certain project.

Jeremiah: I’m a laboratory technician in the clinic testing division at Sanofi Pasteur. My favorite aspect of my job is the opportunity to engage in practical applications of the science I learned at Barry. To take that knowledge outside of the classroom and apply it to projects that benefit people and their health. 

What aspects of studying Chemistry at Barry have most helped you enter and succeed in the pharmaceutical field?

Audreena: Barry University’s Chemistry program helped me prepare for excellence. The strongest houses always have a strong foundation. and Barry has provided me with that strong foundation. The two main courses I took while attending Barry which have helped me tremendously were Instrumental Analysis and Quantitative Analysis. These courses were taught by Dr. Zuzana Zajickova. 

Emily: I believe that the Physical Sciences department helped prepare me very well. During my undergraduate study, I was able to intern at a pharmaceutical company for a couple of months, and that helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry. I was also well prepared in skills we use everyday in the lab, such as pipetting and preparing samples and solutions. I was also able to learn the different instrumentation and use the instruments during our lab time, and in pharmaceuticals we use high-performance liquid chromatographies (HPLC’s) everyday, so knowing the basics of an HPLC and the software was a big advantage. 

Jeremiah: Barry’s Chemistry and Biology departments helped teach me the skills I utilize in my job today. The community and faculty helped me develop into the professional I am now through their constant support and mentorship. Barry’s program prepared me especially well to excel in diverse workforces and to problem-solve in creative ways.

What are your ultimate career goals?

Audreena: My ultimate career goal is to dominate the renewable energy industry and the manufacturing of natural cosmetics.

Emily: My ultimate career goal is to possibly work for the FDA or become director of a department of a pharmaceutical company.

Jeremiah: Eventually, I hope to have a leadership role in a healthcare organization (whether that’s a pharmaceuticals company like Sanofi, a healthcare provider, or a non-profit/government entity). I hope, through my career, I can help improve healthcare access and equity to underserved populations, especially minority communities. 

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