Congratulations are in order to Dr. Sarah Lewis and Dr. Todd Tedrow

Nov 13, 2023

Join me in congratulating Dr. Sarah Lewis as she was appointed the Director of Barry University’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).  CETL is to support facultyin their efforts to enhance the quality of teaching and student learning. The ultimate goal is to promote academic excellence and student achievement across all disciplines while upholding the mission and values of Barry University. 

Also to be congratulated is Dr. Todd Tedrow, who had three wonderful announcements: 

  1. Dr. Tedrow authored a chapter for the International Association of Social Work in Groups titled Using Narrative Group Therapy to Eradicate Social Isolation, and it is now officially published!  
  2. Dr. Tedrow’s presentation has been accepted and he will be presenting at the University of G’dansk in Poland for the fifth “Loneliness” International Interdisciplinary Conference at the end of September Online. 
  3. Finally, Dr. Tedrow’s publication for the NASW Aging Newsletter Sharing Stories:An approach to creating meaningful connection has been published! 


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