Congratulations are in order to Dr. Ashley Austin and Dr. Mitch Rosenwald

Nov 13, 2023

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Ashley Austin and co-author Dr. Shelley Craig (a former BUSSW faculty member), for their AFFIRM project.  Drs. Austin and Craig have been researching, creating, publishing and testing out their AFFIRM intervention since 2010.  Dr. Austin informed me of the following:

  1. After a rigorous review process, AFFIRM has been recognized by and added to the California Evidence Based Clearing House Registry as a Promising Practice and we are featured in their back to school newsletter (see below thread, you have to scroll down to see AFFIRM Youth).  
  2. AFFIRM has also been recognized by SAMHSA in its recent free/accessible guidebook: Adapting Evidence Based Practices for Under-resourced Populations.


Please join me in also congratulating Dr. Mitch Rosenwald for having his textbook, Political Ideology and Social Work, published by Columbia University Press this past month.  Some of the most highly respected macro social work educators in our country provided acknowledgments of Dr. Rosenwald’s work (e.g. Michael, Reisch, Richard Hoefer, etc.), and Amanda Barusch (international social work scholar) wrote the foreword!

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