Hurricane Ian

Sep 30, 2022

Update #5

Barry University’s Command Decision Team (CDT) continues to monitor the impacts of Hurricane Ian on our Law Campus and other locations throughout central and north Florida. Barry University’s Law Campus in Orlando remains closed through Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Our Melbourne location will resume normal operations effective immediately. We continue to assess our other locations including, St. Peterburg, Tampa, Ocala and Orlando. The CDT will continue to provide updates as locations are evaluated for safety and power is restored. 

Law campus faculty, staff and students will be notified tomorrow about whether or not we will be able to open the campus on Monday, October 3.

Due to the significant impact of Hurricane Ian, Barry University has begun relief effort planning.  If you know of or are a faculty, staff or student who has been directly impacted and need help please complete the Hurricane Relief Form to let us know how the University may be able to assist you during this difficult time.

Stay up to date by monitoring website and our Emergency Hotline at 305-899-4000 for updated information.

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