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Payroll About Us


The Barry University Payroll Department consists of a dedicated team of professionals committed to paying University employees on time and accurately.  Furthermore, the payroll staff commits themselves to provide excellent customer service and presence within a more caring environment.

Barry University's Payroll Office currently processes payment for over 1,500 employees, including full-time and part-time faculty and staff, and part-time adjunct instructors. Exempt employees (those under contract) are paid on semi-monthly installments and Non-Exempt employees (those paid by the hour) are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

This office also handles the work-study payroll with over 450 student workers paid on a monthly basis.

Our objective is to pay our faculty, staff and students in an accurate and timely manner, together with providing them with any necessary information they may require regarding their pay.

Core Values

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    As our top responsibility, you can rest assured that we will respect your privacy and all personal information. In the event we are legally bound to disclose any of your information, we will limit the release of your data to that which is covered by the rules of compliance.
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    We are devoted to helping our fellow employees, as well as the University as a whole.
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    We pay all employees on a timely and accurate basis. If a mistake occurs, regardless of the source of the problem, we will make the employee whole forthwith.
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    We will always behave in a manner that deserves your trust and your respect. You can be confident that we apply university policies and procedures consistently, fairly and accurately across all employees.

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