Credit Withdrawal Policy

Credit Withdrawal Policy

Total Withdrawal From The University

Students who register but do not attend classes, or who withdraw after attending classes for any reason, will not receive a credit toward tuition unless they withdraw officially by submitting a written notice of withdrawal to the office of the dean of their respective schools. The effective date of withdrawal will be the date on which the notice is received by the respective dean, and the percentage of refund will be determined by this date.

Tuition, room and board fees will be credited on this basis: If the student leaves within the first two weeks of the semester, 80% of the full semester charge is credited; within the first three weeks, 60% is credited; within the first four weeks, 40% is credited; within the first five weeks, 20% is credited. After the fifth week there is no credit of tuition, room or meal charges. Refundable credit must be claimed within one calendar year. For purposes of determining the percentage of credit toward tuition and fees, the first week of classes will be considered the start of the semester and upon which adjustments will be based.

Withdrawal Policy For Individual Courses

Students who drop individual courses after the period of schedule adjustment and are still enrolled in the university are not entitled to any credit toward tuition.

Changes Made During The Period Of Schedule Adjustment

Students dropping courses during the period of schedule adjustment will receive a total credit for the course and special course fee, if applicable, as long as they remain enrolled in the university.

Student Dismissal

A student dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons at any time shall not be entitled to any claim or credit toward tuition and fees.

Special Course Fees Are Not Refundable

All fees, outside of tuition and room and board, are non-refundable.

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