Parental Notification Policy

Parental Notification Policy

As required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University cannot disclose a student’s educational records without the written consent of a student or without proof that the student is the tax dependent of the parent.  However, the University will disclose information to parents, without a written consent from the students, when notification is determined to be necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other.  This notification may occur due to a medical emergency, an incident of imminent danger or another situation in which staff deems such action necessary.

Barry University is concerned about students’ use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs. FERPA, permits colleges and universities to inform the family of a student under 21 years of age when their student has been found in violation of University alcohol or drug rules and/or in the case of a health or safety emergency. 

A member of the Office of the Dean of Students or a professional staff member of the Department of Housing and Residence Life will notify the family of a student younger than 21 years of age:  

  1. By a phone call, if that resident is transported to an emergency medical treatment center for drug use or intoxication or if a person’s health and safety is at serious risk, staff will contact the person the student listed as an emergency contact at the time the student is transported.
  2. In writing, if the University determines that a student has committed a serious violation of alcohol or drug policies. (This letter will be sent within several business days of the determination that the student violated University alcohol or drug policies. Some policy violations that are considered less serious-for example, a person’s first time in a room where an empty beer can has been found-may not result in a notification letter being sent.)

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