About the Photography Program

Silvia Lizama

What can the Photography Programs at Barry offer you?

Barry University's undergraduate photography program is designed to give you the opportunity to focus solely on photography, or elect more art courses if you wish to add a more diversified education in other mediums. You can choose between the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or the Bachelor of Arts degree, and your academic advisor will assist you in choosing the electives that will prepare you to meet your personal and professional goals.

Barry is committed to maintaining the tradition of film and the darkroom, while offering the latest advances in the digital medium. You will have the opportunity to explore and experiment, combining vintage techniques with cutting-edge digital technology. As a photography major you will have access to the facilities seven days a week, and classes are capped at reasonable sizes.

Who can Help You?

For Photography contact:
Professor Tracie Heller theller@barry.edu
Or Professor Sara Rytteke srytteke@barry.edu

For Biomedical and Forensic Photography contact:
Professor Scott Weber sweber@barry.edu