Move Out Information 2019; All below mentioned information will also be shared to students mybarry email accounts.

Residents should use the below mentioned information when confirming their travel arrangements for the end of fall semester.

The residence halls close on Saturday, December 14th at 12:00pm for undergraduate students not graduating, and Sunday, December 15th at 12:00pm for graduating students. Only students who have signed up for Break housing will be permitted access to the residence hall during the break period.

If you have specific questions regarding fall closing please contact HRL at and or by call 305-899-3875, and or visit your resident assistants bulletin board located in your residence hall.

Important Dates

November 30th All graduating students for fall 2019 must complete the housing release form located on your myhousing page; please indicate graduation as reason for release.
Thursday, December 5th Sign-up sheets for check out can be found on your resident assistant’s door; please sign up for a check out time slot.
Friday, December 6th Express Check Out Forms are available at all residence hall front desks, as well as 111th and 115th security booths. Please complete and submit express check out form to any of these locations before above-mentioned deadline.
Saturday, December 14th All undergraduate students not approved for break housing must be out of the residence hall no later than 12:00pm.
Sunday, December 15th All graduating students must be moved out of the residence hall and completely vacate their space no later than 12:00pm.
Wednesday, January 8th New students permitted to move in to residence hall.
Saturday, January 11th Returning students permitted to move back in to residence hall assignment.

Winter Break Housing Information

If you are interested in staying on campus during Winter Break, you have two options. You must complete an application for this request, located under applications in your MyHousing account due Friday, December 13th, 2019 by 12:00PM. You will need to indicate what type of stay you are applying for. In addition, once the application is completed your request will be approved and or denied and you will receive a notification of this decision. PLEASE NOTE MEAL PLANS WILL NOT BE ACTIVE DURING THIS TIME.

Types of Break Housing:

  1. Late Stay
    • You will be charged the daily rate for your stay based on the room type you are living in.
    • This option is for anyone who stays from 12/14/19 through 12/20/19.
    • Check out times will be by 12pm of the following day following the night stayed. If student is not checked out by 12pm, the student will be billed for the next additional day, and still be required to vacate the space.
    • All students residing on campus for a late stay cannot stay past 12/20/19 and must be checked out prior to 5pm.
  2. Break Housing
    • This option enables student to reside in campus housing during the time period from 12/14/19-1/11/20.
    • If check-out date will be any time after 5pm on December 20th 2019 student must select this option.
    • Charge is based on the daily rate, for the specific room type that the student is currently assigned, spread across the entire break. Estimated costs:

    1. Single Private = $1,218.87
    2. Single Shared = $1,161.45
    3. Double Private = $935.25
    4. Double Shared = $885.66
    5. Double Community = $821.57
  • Student is aware there will be facilities work done in the residence halls during this period, and facilities staff will be entering spaces to do a full detailed cleaning of bathrooms. These times are not scheduled around student's schedules.
  • Student is aware due to the university being closed, staffing is limited.
  • Fees will be applied to your student account if you are approved.

Check-Out Instructions

All Students Must:

  • Leave your room neat and clean.
  • Empty all trash and recycling from your room at the nearest trash area to your building.
  • All lights must be turned off and electronics unplugged.
  • All beds should be stripped and cleaned.
  • Laundry should be washed and dried and put away.
  • Windows and blinds must be closed.
  • Bathrooms must be left clean and all personal items removed. All bathrooms will be cleaned over break and any personal items left will be discarded.
  • Students must clean out their refrigerators of all items.
  • Return your Room Key to your RA and or complete an express check out

Failure to follow the above procedures will result in the following fine(s):

  • Key Charges $50.00 (key not returned/lost)
  • Trash and/or Cleaning Fee $100.00

Please note: Late Check-Outs- If you check-out late on 12/14 (after 12pm) you will be charged an Improper Check-Out Fee. If you check-out late anytime on 12/16 starting at 12:00 am (break housing check outs), you will be billed an Improper Check-Out Fee and you will be billed the daily rate for an extra day.

Please be aware that charges for damage(s) to common area(s) and equipment shared by all residents in a room, suite, and/or hall, will be divided equally among all residents of that area, unless responsibility is claimed by an individual(s). Common area damage includes but not limited to, hallways, lounges, lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens, and fire equipment being left unclean and/or damaged.