Have you checked in with IMP?

International Student @ Festival of Nations

Your first entry into the U.S. and each subsequent entry, while you are a Barry student, require a visit to the office of International and Multicultural Programs as soon as you arrive to the campus. Most students (Canadians and Bermudans are a known exception) will receive a new I-94 card upon each reentry to the U.S.; this information (the 11 digit number and expiration date- if applicable) must be reported to IMP immediately and updated in our database.

Also, important information updates must be recorded (some must be reported BEFORE the change- Change of Status, dropping below full course load, etc.) in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). These updates include: address, email, telephone, program end date, program and degree level.

Finally, BEFORE you leave the U.S. (for vacation, business or an emergency) contact IMP either to receive an updated Travel Authorization Signature, or to verify all of your documents are current and appropriate for travel.