KIC Study System

KIC Study System

A new free way to study and interact with your class material is now available to Barry University students.

Use the KIC scanning kiosks in the library and a free app to better learn your course work.

MyDocs Scan and Send

  • Scan your source material at the library's new large-surface touchscreen scanning kiosk and send to your smartphone or tablet with a single click.
  • Download the free MyDocs app on your phone or tablet to take advantage of its study tools.

Here's how to download MyDocs for Free

MyDocs with KSS

KIC Study System is a feature in the MyDocs application.

Downlod on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Once installed, scan your material on KIC and output to KSS to activate the MyDocs App.

  • Use KIC’s three-pronged study system to learn the material:

Skim the material using a computer-assisted speed-reading method in 30-120 second intervals.

Listen to read-along audio while thoroughly reading, increasing retention. Speed and pacing can be adjusted to best fit each student. Additional translations are also included!

Quickly and easily make flash cards directly from information from textbooks, course materials, and monograms and serials in the library. Making flash cards is like highlighting text while studying, only better – flashcards are interactive. Since the flash cards are only for the student’s personal use, they can usually be created without typing.

  • Check your email for training instructions, or start using this new service free today.
  • Did we mention it’s free?