Fall 2007 Issue

Village Voices

A team of BU students works to preserve the oral histories of those left in limbo by Miami-Dade’s affordable housing crisis.
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House of Blues

Student-volunteers are both shocked and inspired by what they find in the Big Easy.
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Rescue Me

Help isn’t just needed in New Orleans. A group of Barry students spent their spring break renovating a double-wide trailer for a disabled South Carolina woman.
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Bug Off

Need to identify a species of the insects known as cicadas? If BU’s Dr. Allen Sanborn isn’t available, you might be out of luck.
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Excess Baggage

Lost’ luggage could mean increased tourism for the City of Miami, says BU marketing professor.
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Nursing’s Next Crisis

While the media focuses on the national nursing shortage, little attention has been paid to an equally severe shortage of nursing faculty.
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