Fall 2009 Issue


Shooting Star

Senior Kelsa Bartley is teaching Liberty City youth to see the world through a different lens.
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Turnier’s tale

After receiving a U.S. Department of State internship, senior Steve Turnier spent the summer in Cameroon learning about the nation’s people and its politics.
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The Mask Makers

How can a carnival atmosphere help at-risk youth? Just ask Barry Professor Celeste Fraser Delgado and her band of revelers.
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Survival of the fittest

In today’s economy, South Florida nonprofits need to be smart, creative and vocal – just ask these three Barry alumni who’ve led the way.
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The Puppet Master

When it comes to therapy, Barry doctoral student Sue Butler proves puppets are more than just child’s play.
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Taking it to the Streets

Reality TV star, crime fighter, single mom and Barry student - this ‘police woman of Broward County’ literally never stops.
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Oh oh ....

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