School of Social Work students receive annual scholarship awards

School of Social Work students receive annual scholarship awards

The Barry University School of Social Work recently hosted its annual Scholarship Awards Reception. Faculty, staff, and special guests gathered to present three different scholarships to seven students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in their studies.

The School of Social Work annually awards three unique scholarships, each named in honor of its benefactor: Dr. Beulah Rothman, Dr. Marilyn Zide, and Dr. Neta Kolasa.

The Dr. Beulah Rothman Scholarship was established to honor the late Dr. Rothman’s commitment to the advancement of doctoral studies, scholarly research, and the advancement of social group work practice knowledge and competencies. This year’s Rothman Scholarship was given to Tania M. Paredes, a first year doctoral student. Paredes holds two previous degrees from Barry including a MSW in 2000.

The Dr. Marilyn Zide Scholarship recognizes a mature BSW or MSW student who, after a turning point in his/her life, has returned to school with an interest in direct practice. The 2014 Marilyn Zide Scholarship winner is Jeannine Bellon-Piliero.

The final scholarship, named after Dr. Neta Kolasa, a Barry School of Social Work alumna (MSW ’75) and member of Barry’s Board of Trustees since 1996, recognizes outstanding MSW and PhD students who demonstrate dedication, commitment, and professionalism in practicing the values and skills of professional social work. The scholarship is designed to advance knowledge, programs, and policies which move service recipients toward self-sufficiency, independence, and social and economic productivity.

The recipients of the Kolasa Scholarship are: Miriam Andreoni, Claudia Calabrese, Revital Goodman, Precious Skinner-Osei, and Jeffrey Phillippe. Andreoni and Philippe are both in the concentration year of the MSW program. Calabrese, Goodman, and Skinner-Osei are currently working toward their doctoral degrees.

Scholarship Winners:

Dr. Beulah Rothman Scholarship
Tania M. Paredes

Dr. Marilyn Zide Scholarship
Jeannine Bellon-Piliero

Dr. Neta Kolasa Scholarship
Miriam Andreoni
Claudia Calabrese
Revital Goodman
Precious Skinner-Osei
Jeffrey Phillippe