Sexual Misconduct

As a Catholic, Dominican University, Barry is committed to providing the best possible setting for carrying out its educational mission. An essential component of this environment is an atmosphere in which all members of the University community have an equal opportunity to work, to learn, and to develop. The Division of Mission and Student Engagement, in an effort to educate students adnd others, provides programs throughout the year that focus on individual responsibilities regarding sexual misconduct and how to avoid, confront, report, and eliminate it from the campus environment.

These University policies and guidelines are established for students who seek information and assistance should they be a survivor of, accused of, or a witness to sexual misconduct. It is the University’s desire to create a supportive climate that will encourage individuals to report incidents of sexual misconduct. The Policy on Sexual Misconduct is designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide compassionate and prompt support services
  • Provide a comprehensive framework in which the needs and decisions of all parties concerned are center in determining further administrative response and assistance.
  • Create a campus environment that both facilitates and expedites the prompt reporting of sexual misconduct.
  • Cultivate a climate of community empowerment and education in which behaviors that contribute to sexual misconduct are not tolerated.