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About Us

Who We Are

  • In 2010 Raul Ballester '11 and Sean Cooney '12, undergraduate students with the Andreas School of Business, designed, developed and submitted a proposal for a Student Managed Investment Fund
  • In the fall of 2011, SMIF was officially launched
  • As described in the Founding Proposal, the emphasis of the fund is that it is student managed
  • Students are currently managing $50,000

Financial Objective

  • The primary financial objectives are to protect the original corpus and maximize overall returns on investments while assuming minimal risk
  • The Secondary objectives include preserving liquidity levels, maintaining purchasing power of the fund's corpus, and making disbursements to student scholarships and educational activities

Risk Tolerance

  • As an endowment entity SMIF has a low tolerance for risk
  • The main driver of risk aversion is the possibility of diminishing the funds value below the principal investment. Diminishing the funds value below this amount will not allow the fund to fulfill the secondary purposes of disbursements to scholarships, community services, and funding of educational events
  • The ability to take risk will be limited by the Investment Policy Statement

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