Student/Alumni Profiles

Carlos Cueto

Carlos Cueto

MBA, MAPTM, Class of 2013
Senior Financial Analyst with FedEx Express
Active Prison Minister and Missionary in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Cuba

Over the past four decades, Carlos Cueto has honed both his business and ministerial skills. He is a bilingual professional with over 40 years of experience in diverse fields of management and consulting within both the private and non-profit sectors. He is currently serving as Senior Financial Analyst with FedEx Express. His professional accomplishments have been many, including recently spearheading an increase in FedEx financial results by over $1 million per year as well as helping sales teams overachieve aggressive goals by 46%.

His ministerial outreach has been just as intense as his business career. His many activities include 36 years of mission outreach in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Cuba; 36 years service on the Board of Directors of Amor en Acción Catholic Lay Missionary Group, the official missionary outreach arm of the Archdiocese of Miami, with 7 years as its mission director; and 25 years service with RESCATE Catholic Prison Ministry, with 8 years in a leadership capacity with that Ministry.

Believing that “much of the future of the church lies in the hands of the laity,” Cueto early on engaged in Hispanic ministry studies through the Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI), an educational branch of the Southeast Regional Office for Hispanic Affairs, Region V and XIV of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, which offers a master’s program in collaboration with Barry University. While he did not receive a degree at that time, these studies helped inform his ministry over the years.

Recently, while assisting his priest during the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Cueto was inspired by a call that “originated from the depths of my soul.”  He felt certain that he was called to obtain a Doctorate in Theology, a degree that he felt would enable him to better preach the gospel within his current life situation.

Toward that end, Cueto obtained the Master of Arts in Practical Theology and Ministry (MAPTM) from Barry University. He found that the MAPTM really broadened his ministerial outlook enabling him to engage people where and as they are, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually; he was better able to help others in their faith journey, in both his mission outreach and in conversations with colleagues at work. While pursuing the MPPTM, he became convinced that the appropriate degree for his ministerial focus would be a degree that integrates quality academics with practical application. As a result, he is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry from Barry.

Cueto is married and has four children. An active Catholic in the Archdiocese of Miami, he has written numerous theological reflections and essays on issues dealing with ecclesiology and evangelization, Hispanic spirituality, immigration, and ethical approaches to criminal justice as well as on pastoral ministry among immigrants and the incarcerated.

Patricia Jiménez

Patricia Jiménez

DMin, Class of 2014
Webmaster, U.S. Hispanic Ministry

Patricia Jiménez, DMin obtained her Doctorate in Ministry at Barry University, specializing in Hispanic and Latino Theology and Ministry. She is the Webmaster for and has served for over 20 years in the areas of youth ministry, catechesis, and teaching and administering lay formation programs. Ms. Jiménez has experience in parish and diocesan ministry as well as academia, and has been a speaker at local, regional, and national events. In what follows, she recounts some of her experiences at Barry University and discusses her development of a national website designed to serve Hispanic/Latino Catholics.

"With the increasing number of Hispanic/Latinos engaged in New Media, I found it important to embrace new mediums to reach out to Hispanic/Latino Catholics and those who serve them.  We established in May of 2011 as part of my doctoral project with the hope of creating a network that served the diverse realities of Hispanic/Latino Catholics in the U.S. While there are various organizations that serve Hispanics, each focuses on a particular area of ministry, such as Hispanic youth ministry, diocesan ministry, Hispanic theology, etc. We wanted to create one centralized place where all of these voices could come together to dialogue and share their gifts and talents through the use of new media.  We also wanted a place that supplied access to a variety of resources for the benefit of all those serving in Hispanic Ministry in the U.S.

As I worked on this project, I found my formation at Barry University has been an incredible gift. I believe it has the strongest courses on methodology for ministry.  Its contextual approach has really helped shape the manner in which I approach ministerial questions, develop programs, and respond to the needs of those I serve. Its 2-week residency program was also manageable for my schedule while I was completing my coursework and working full-time.

One of the main reasons I selected Barry’s Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program was that it truly incorporated the diversity of Hispanic/Latinos in the U.S.  Being in California, the focus in ministry and formation programs can often be on Mexican-American Catholics.  The course material at Barry included the diversity of Hispanics/Latinos from various nationalities, and, perhaps most importantly, the diversity of the students enriched my learning as they shared their experiences, spirituality, and traditions in the classroom.  Because of this program, I have developed a rich network of peers who support my ministry and my personal and spiritual life.

Running a national website, I serve a pretty diverse group of people: from recent immigrants who may only speak Spanish, to Hispanics who are bilingual and bicultural, to 3rd and 4th generation U.S.-born Hispanics or non-Hispanics who may only speak English.  Every day I take into consideration all that I have learned from the faculty and staff who have taught and modeled acompañamiento. The DMin Program at Barry, with its specialization in Hispanic Theology/Ministry, has prepared me to start developing online resources for Hispanic Ministry and a mentoring program, which I hope to launch on in the near future."