Corporate Reimbursement Deferment

In order to defer payment of your tuition to the end of the semester (specifically, until four weeks after the last day of class), you must submit to the Cashier/Business Office within the first two weeks of the semester, an official letter from your employer on company stationery. This document is required each semester and must state your eligibility for reimbursement. It must also include the conditions under which your company will pay your tuition and fees (percentage of your tuition charges they are willing to pay, the grade required for reimbursement, and the calendar period it covers).

Additionally, you must complete a deferred payment plan form with the Cashier/Business Office (CBO) to finalize the postponement of your tuition payment to the end of the semester. Be aware that whenever you do not pay your tuition and fees at the time of registration and choose instead to defer payment of your charges to a future date, there is a mandatory, non-refundable deferment fee of $150.00 that will be assessed each semester. Moreover, payment becomes due immediately upon course withdrawal or course failure.

Please call CBO at 305-899-3585 for further information regarding our corporate payment schedules.



*No official academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, or letters of degree completions) will be released to students who have not paid off their payment plans (cash or credit/ debit VISA, AMEX, MC, DISCOVER).

* Student's whose accounts have, at anytime, lapsed into collections, forfeits all eligibility of participating in future corporate reimbursements.