Program Courses Overview

General Biology, BS. BIOT

There are 3 Major areas in Biology that lead to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree: B.S. General Biology (BS.BIOT), B.S. Pre-Professional Biology (BS.BIOP), and B.S. Marine Biology (BS.BIOM).  

Overview of BS.BIOT and BS.BIOP curriculum (total 120 credits with 40 credits Biology)

BIOLOGY CORE required courses: General Biology I&II (with Labs); Genetics Course (2 OPTIONS EITHER BIO 303 HUMAN GENETICS 3 CREDITS (no lab) OR BIO 341, GENETICS WITH A LAB 4 CREDITS), Bioethics

At least one course from each of the 5 disciplines listed below.

  • Biodiversity; examples are: Botany, Zoology, Parasitology, Fishes
  • Cell and Molecular Biology; examples are: Microbiology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Molecular Biology, Histology, Immunology
  • Organismal Biology: examples are: Anatomy, Comparative anatomy, Physiology, Comparative physiology, Human nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Embryology
  • Ecology and Environmental Science; examples are: Environmental Sciences, Marine Biology, Ecology, Animal behavior
  • A Capstone Course: taken as a senior, you will present research on an interdisciplinary topic. Examples are: Evolution, Virology, Marine Biology Seminar or Senior Seminar

In addition to 40 BIOLOGY credits, all Biology majors take Co-requisites in Math, Chemistry and Physics.

  • MATH:  Calculus BIOT/BIOP (or 9 credits of Mathematics including statistics BIOT)
  • CHEMISTRY: everyone takes General Chemistry I & II with labs; BIOP will also take Organic I and either (Biochemistry I or Organic Chemistry II) (16 credits)
  • BIOT can take CHEMISTRY FOR HEALTH SCIENCES or ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (different careers have different requirements) (12 credits)
  • PHYSICS-BIOP takes Physics I and Physics II (plus labs) (8 credits); BIOT-COLLEGE PHYSICS  I or PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS (4 credits).

Additional Biology electives not listed, can be used to complete the 40 credits for the major.

Students will also need to complete General Education/Distribution requirements    

Contact Information: Dr. Leticia Vega, Chair of the Biology Department

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