Bachelor of Science in General Biology (BS.BIOT)

College of Arts and Sciences

Program Overview General Biology (BS.BIOT)

The Bachelor of Science in General Biology degree program is the perfect course of study if you are interested in pursuing positions in laboratory and research centers; positions in business, industry, biological illustration, and other areas requiring a biological background; as well as undergraduate preparation for careers as a Physician Assistant, Physical Therapist or Environmental Scientist.

Coursework is grounded in critical thinking and general scientific knowledge and inquiry. You will explore topics in genetics, biodiversity, cellular and molecular biology, anatomy, chemistry, ecology, and environmental science plus a whole host of special and elective courses to allow you to focus on your interests and career goals.

Program Courses Overview

The General Biology degree program helps you prepare for a variety of careers – from working in a lab to working in a clinical setting.

Program Highlights

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    Solid Foundation

    Biology majors are required to take at least one course from each of the following disciplines, ensuring broad knowledge: Biodiversity, Cell and Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology, Ecology and Environmental Science.
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    Lab Experience

    Most of the program’s lecture courses include laboratory components, allowing you to apply the knowledge you have learned in the classroom and gain valuable hands‐on experience.

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