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Spanish Translation and Interpretation Minor

Department of English and Foreign Languages

Department of English and Foreign Languages Spanish Translation and Interpretation Minor

The Spanish minor program is designed for students who wish to enhance their chosen field of study. Think about it, as a Barry University student you will have an excellent opportunity to study a useful international foreign language, regardless of your major. A minor in Spanish or French will:

  • Open new doors in your chosen career.
  • Enhance your knowledge of another culture.
  • Widen your horizons about values, history, and behavior in a second country.
  • Enable you to communicate, translate, and provide direct or indirect interpretation in more than one language in the field of business, government, law, or international relations to communicate with clients, diplomats, and employees.
  • Provide personal health care to thousands of patients around the world if you enter the health care professions.
  • Enhance your ability to pursue job opportunities in multiple fields of communication including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.

The minor in Translation and Interpretation consists of 21 credit hours or 15 credits at the 300 or above level, whichever comes first. Students will choose any Spanish courses based on their level of proficiency in accordance with the placement test, but at least 12 of these credits must come from the following Translation and Interpretation courses:


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