Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics

Critical reflection on the human experience

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About the Program Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics (MA)

As a response to Barry University's commitment to theological education in the Southeast region of the United States and the growing Hispanic population of that region, courses are offered through a collaborative effort with the Southeast Pastoral Institute (SEPI), located at 7700 SW 56 Street, Miami, FL 33155. SEPI is an educational branch of The Regional Office of the Southeastern US Bishops for Hispanic Ministry, Region V and Region XIV.

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics is to prepare lay ecclesial ministers and to provide focused theological reflection on Hispanic cultural contexts and social realities currently challenging the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian communities. All coursework offered in the program is conducted in Spanish.

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Graduate Programs in Theology and Ministry Educational Effectiveness

The Educational Effectiveness of the Graduate Programs in Theology and Ministry is demonstrated best by the intentional education and formation of lay ecclesial ministers prepared to contribute fruitfully to their communities of faith through theological reflection, praxis, and leadership.

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics (MA-PMH) program cultivates this preparation by fostering in our students the learning objectives/competencies delineated at each level of study which advance the mission of each program. The MA-PMH program is designed to equip students for competent leadership in Hispanic/Latino communities of faith.


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Theology and Ministry Programs Accreditation

The Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada ( accredits Barry University's Department of Theology and Philosophy graduate programs through 2028.

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  • Master of Arts in Practical Theology and Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics
  • Doctor of Ministry
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