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Master of Public Administration

Learn how to be an effective public administrator

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About the Program Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA Program at Barry University focuses on research and scholarship in the public and nonprofit sectors. Scholarship is the pursuit of knowledge and truth, which resonates with the authentic Dominican heritage of our institution. The pursuit of truth necessitates a steadfast commitment to establishing an inclusive and collaborative society working toward the public good.

Consistent with the Barry University mission, the faculty in the MPA program remains committed to the highest academic standards in graduate and professional education. The MPA curriculum focuses on the public and nonprofit sectors, and other organizations that serve a public purpose. The MPA, considered to be the terminal professional degree for practitioners in the public and nonprofit sectors, identifies and applies traditional and evolving theories and practices (Praxis) in the workplace.

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The MPA program provides students with the theories, principles, and practices of public service, instilling in students a commitment to inclusivity, collaboration, and social justice.

Hallmarks of the Program


    Administrative and leadership theories

    Collaborative Service

    Principles of ethical behavior

    Social Justice

    Practices and the rule of law

  • Inclusive

    Administrative and leadership theories

  • Collaborative Service

    Principles of ethical behavior

  • Social Justice

    Practices and the rule of law

Program Outcomes

  • Barry 2

    Focus on Effectiveness

    You will learn to apply research methods and techniques to determine organizational and program effectiveness. You will be able to use administrative and leadership theories and best practices to determine effectiveness in the workplace.

  • Barry 2

    Promote Change

    You will learn to evaluate public planning theories and practices for substantive and equitable change.

  • Barry 2

    Evaluate Frameworks

    The program teaches you how to analyze the rule of law in administrative procedures, and the outcomes of public administration rulemaking, ultimately helping you apply theories and principles of public administration within existing frameworks.

  • Inclusive2

    Nonprofit Specialization

    If you are interested in the nonprofit sector, you can earn a Specialization in Nonprofit Administration. Part of the MPA program, the specialization provides the distinctive administrative skills necessary for success in nonprofit organizations.

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Public Administration (MPA) Nonprofit Administration Specialization

Students in the MPA program with interest in the nonprofit sector have an opportunity to earn a Specialization in Nonprofit Administration. As a part of the MPA program, the specialization provides the distinctive administrative skills necessary for success in nonprofit organizations.

The specialization, intended for new and current Barry University graduate students, provides students with the knowledge required to advance in nonprofit organizations. The specialization offers face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online modalities

Also available Online View Curriculum
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School of Business Faculty

Barry's small, interactive business classes are led by scholarly, full-time faculty, of which more than 90% hold doctoral degrees. The ASB faculty have a unique combination of international diversity and cultures.

Our faculty also have business experience with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, McDonalds, and Harris Corporation.

These seasoned mentors will work side-by-side with you, teaching you how to negotiate, manage successfully, and become effective leaders in today's rapidly changing business arena.

Admissions Overview Getting Started

Congratulations on taking the first step to pursue your passion, advance your career, and make a difference in your community. We are committed to assist each student through the admission process.

Whether you transition straight from undergraduate studies to a graduate program or have been out of school for some time, we offer a welcoming and professional environment for graduate study.

With small class sizes, there is a considerable amount of personalized attention from your faculty and opportunities to build strong relationships with fellow classmates.

Apply Now!

Start your application today. In just a few years, you'll graduate with a degree from a highly-respected, affordable university.

The following admission requirements must be met:

  • A completed application, including a statement of purpose
  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized College or University. Official transcripts of all previous college or university studies must be submitted.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for admissions. Provisional acceptance on a case by case basis may be granted by the Program Coordinator.
  • International applicants with previous college or university studies not in English must earn a minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 81 on the internet-based versions of this test. Applicants must also satisfy all of the criteria outlined in the section of the University Graduate Catalog on International Applicants.
  • Students may also submit the IELTS results. Barry University requires a band score of 6.5 or higher.

For full admission, all of the above items must be submitted. If any item is missing or incomplete, applicants may be granted provisional acceptance and may be allowed to register for a limited number of credit hours while stipulated admission or academic requirements are satisfied. For additional details on admissions requirements, please refer to the Barry University Graduate Catalog.

Admissions Overview Are you a Transfer or an International Student?

You can apply to Barry whenever it’s convenient for you. We accept applications on a rolling basis, but it’s always better to apply sooner than later. You’re considered a transfer applicant when you have at least 12 college level credits from a regionally accredited college or university.

Remember, you may have to apply separately to specific programs, so please review the academic requirements for your intended major.

If you are an international student, applying as early as possible is in your best interest in order to allow ample time for immigration processing.

Please note that general admission to Barry University does not guarantee acceptance into all academic majors. Also, please be aware that admission to Barry University does not guarantee that you will be granted a student visa by the United States Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

Financial Aid Affordable for you.

At BarryU, our tuition is competitive, affordable and still promises all the perks of a private school education. Our cost per credit is in-line with other institutions, but we offer a mission-driven educational experience and provide our students with small class sizes, personalized attention, and academic excellence. Scholarships, graduate assistantships, and financial aid can also be explored to help offset overall costs.

Barry University participates in the full array of federal and state financial aid programs. At Barry, we are committed to doing all we can to help you finance your education.

Barry University's Financial Aid staff will assist you through the financial aid application process.

Financial Assistance Tuition and Fees

You can use the Barry University Scholarship System to find other scholarship opportunities that you may be eligible to receive:

  • Answer as many questions as you like—the more questions answered, the more scholarships you’re matched to
  • Be automatically considered for many of the scholarships available at Barry University
  • Do a keyword search for scholarships and review the criteria to see if your qualifications are a match

The scholarships are funded through contributions from private donors, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, campus organizations, and corporations.

Barry University Scholarships

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