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Project Management Professional

Why This Course?

Around the world, demand for project management professionals is rising, and Barry University is here to help you make the most of this exciting trend in your chosen career path. Designed in partnership with CertWise®, a leader in professional certification training materials, Barry University’s PMP® Certification program equips experienced project managers like you with the tools they need to pass the rigorous PMP® exam and advance their careers. 

Our nine-week, flexible and fully online curriculum utilizes interactive study tools and practice exams, connects you with expert instructors with years of project management experience, and fulfills the 35-hour education requirement you need to sit for the PMP® exam. Upon completing the course, you will be well prepared to join the elite and highly respected ranks of Certified Project Management Professionals®. 

Barry University's online professional development courses and certificates allow you to expand your skills while juggling a busy schedule. Our courses are self-paced, interactive, 100% online, mobile-friendly, and easily accessible.

Why the PMP® Certification?

  • Network


    Connect with a global professional network of project managers from a variety of industries.

  • dollar sign

    Higher Pay

    Be positioned to earn up to 25% more annually than non-credentialed project managers

  • application

    Improve Your Marketability

    Improve your marketability in an increasingly in-demand job function

  • Continuous Improvement

    Growing Job Opportunities

    According to the Project Management Institute, jobs in project management are expected to increase by 33% (nearly 22 million) worldwide by 2027.

Course Details

What’s included in the CertWise Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation course?

The following course materials are available for your students and instructors.


Student Materials

Reading Materials

  • Two printed books, also available via online e-reader, provide in-depth exploration of the 3 exam domains from the current PMP® Examination Content Outline.
  • Organized into 5 modules:

Module 1: Business Environment (Exam Domain III)

  • Chapter 1: Project management concepts
  • Chapter 2: Project Life Cycles, Phases and Process Groups
  • Chapter 3: Project Benefits and Value
  • Chapter 4: Compliance
  • Chapter 5: Change Management
  • Chapter 6: External Business Environment Changes

Module 2: People (Exam Domain I)

  • Chapter 1: Project Manager Role and Tuckman Ladder
  • Chapter 2: Forming—The Project Manager
  • Chapter 3: Forming—The Project Team
  • Chapter 4: Storming
  • Chapter 5: Norming
  • Chapter 6: Performing
  • Chapter 7: Adjourning

Module 3: Process Design (Exam Domain II)

  • Chapter 1: Governance Structure
  • Chapter 2: Incremental Value
  • Chapter 3: Project Methodology and Knowledge Areas
  • Chapter 4: Agile and Hybrid Project Methodologies
  • Chapter 5: Project Artifacts
  • Chapter 6: Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Chapter 7: Project Integration Overview
  • Chapter 8: Project Integration Knowledge Areas

Module 4: Process Constraints (Exam Domain II)

  • Chapter 1: Scope
  • Chapter 2: Schedule
  • Chapter 3: Costs and Budget
  • Chapter 4: Resources
  • Chapter 5: Procurement
  • Chapter 6: Quality
  • Chapter 7: Risk

Module 5: Process Managing and Closing (Exam Domain II)

  • Chapter 1: Change Control
  • Chapter 2: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Chapter 3: Communications
  • Chapter 4: Knowledge Transfer
  • Chapter 5: Closures


Interactive Online Study Tools

The CertWise® Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation course provides a learning path through interactive online study tools including over 1300 practice questions. These tools help students apply the concepts learned in the reading materials and test their understanding and retention of the topics. Students have access to the online tools for one year.

  • Pre-test: Evaluate initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness and focus studies.
  • SmartStudy: Build a customized study plan to optimize study time.
  • Quizzes: Test comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.
  • Flashcards: Review important key terms and definitions.
  • Glossary: Reference key PMP terminology and official PMI® definitions.
  • Practice Exam: Build confidence with a test that emulates the timing/weighting of the PMP® computer-based exam.
  • Progress Reports: Track activities and scores.
  • Resource Center: Access worksheets, helpful test-taking tips, PMP® Exam resources, feedback links, and more.


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