Curriculum and Instruction (PhD)

Which Specialization is Right for Me?

Curriculum and Instruction (PhD) Which Specialization is Right for Me? Take the first step! Choose the specialization that's right for you.

The Curriculum and Instruction program faculty is strongly committed to the integration of theory, research, policy, and practice throughout the program. The interdisciplinary core will expose you to multiple educational perspectives on issues of design and policy.

The specializations of the Curriculum and Instruction program include Curriculum Evaluation and Research, Early and Middle Childhood Education, Reading, Literacy and Cognition, and TESOL. There is a program emphasis on advanced graduate study of educational assessment, literacy, curriculum change, and policy. The faculty will mentor you in your professional development and scholarship, which are critical for positions in higher education and curriculum leadership. Students within each of the four specializations receive thorough grounding in the leadership issues in their disciplines, research methodology, and curriculum.

Specialization Curriculum Evaluation and Research

The Curriculum Evaluation and Research specialization will prepare graduates for positions as evaluators, scholars, and researchers in academic, governmental, and non-profit research institutes. The specialization emphasizes interdisciplinary perspectives, theories, and methodologies related to contemporary issues in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Specialization Early and Middle Childhood Education

The Early and Middle Childhood Education specialization prepares professionals to conduct research on the care, education, and welfare of young children. The program also provides programs and services that are developmentally appropriate for children of varying ability, culture, and language. In addition, this specialization prepares professionals to work in urban and, multicultural environments where policy decisions, issues, and curriculum development require careful study and analysis.

Specialization Reading Literacy and Cognition

The specialization in Reading, Literacy and Cognition is designed for individuals who aspire to university teaching, policy, research, and curriculum development positions in reading and literacy related fields. The goals of this specialization are:

  • To produce scholars who will enhance the knowledge base of curriculum and instruction for literacy.
  • Provide leaders for all levels of Reading instruction, including the design, implementation, and evaluation of educator preparation programs.
  • Prepare individuals who can provide expertise and leadership to the evolving field of Reading.

Specialization TESOL

The TESOL specialization emphasizes second language and literacy acquisition as well as bilingualism, thereby preparing professionals for academic positions in the U.S and abroad. Graduates are equipped to make informed decisions for finding innovative ways of educating English Language Learners and to conduct research in second language acquisition, instructional methods, assessment and evaluation, and programmatic issues related to linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

Specialization Special Education

The Special Education specialization is designed for individuals who aspire to have leadership, teaching, and/or research positions in the field of Special Education. The purpose of the program is to develop leaders who have the vision, passion, and skill to contribute significantly to the development of Special Education.

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