Hands-on Experiences

Education (BS)

Education (BS) Hands-On Teaching Experiences

Field Experience

From your first education course, this program provides significant time in actual classrooms to implement what you are learning. Field experiences build upon on one another, and you receive ample opportunity to observe and practice the skills you are developing throughout the program. Hands-on experiences are the best way to become an effect teacher! You are under the mentorship of experienced teachers and Barry professors.


In your senior year, you complete a year-long internship where you are placed under the supervision of an experienced teacher. During the first semester of your senior year, you are able to continue developing your own style of teaching and build confidence within the classroom environment. During your second semester, you transition into an internship placement and teach under the same certified teacher. The full-year internship allows you to gain more hands-on experiences and a broader perspective of what truly happens within the classroom environment.


While you are mentored all along the way in your undergraduate program, the Master of Science in Education provides a strong mentorship program to help you further develop as a teacher-leader.

If you choose to move forward with the Master of Science in Education, you gain another year of classroom experience while taking classes at night as you are mentored by experienced teachers, including Barry professors. You are mentored by an experienced teacher as you execute the classroom curriculum for the year.

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