Mastering Leadership Essentials Online Mini-Classes

Presented by the Organizational Leadership Program

Embark on a transformative leadership journey with our free online 30-minute classes, led by the BS in Organizational Leadership Program Director, Dr. Cristina Wildermuth. These sessions will elevate your skills and transform your leadership approach.

Discover the key personality traits essential for effective leadership, unleash the power of creating an inspiring work environment, expand your horizons with tools to embrace diversity and foster an inclusive workplace, and gain the confidence to navigate change.

Become the extraordinary leader you have always aspired to be!

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Topic 1: Five Factors of Strength 

September 7, 5 pm 

Leaders are in the “people” business. If you have a leadership role, you must be willing to learn how to treat each of your followers considering how they wish to be treated. For example, the same recognition process may work well with some people and not with others. In this session. Dr. Wildermuth introduces the five factors of personality, the model used by most personality researchers. Participants will briefly assess their own positions in each of the five traits and discuss possible consequences of personality diversity in the workplace. 

Topic 2: Understanding Engagement 

September 28, 5 pm 

Employee engagement has been a leadership “buzzword” for so long that we may have forgotten what the word truly means. In this session, Dr. Wildermuth introduces the leadership behaviors likely to foster an engaging environment.

Topic 3: Intercultural Development – What works? 

November 2, 5 pm


Intercultural communications are hard. People bring different experiences, values, and even vocabulary, and we may easily misunderstand one another. Often, we try to minimize this difficulty, hoping that if we “treat everyone the same,” we will create a safe environment for our teams. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem is unlikely to work. In this presentation, Dr. Wildermuth shares Milton Bennett’s intercultural development model, invites participants to identify their own stage of development, and suggests improvement strategies.

Topic 4: Decoding Change  

December 7, 5 pm

Change is often not a benign process in which “everyone wins.”  Instead, change often results in difficult losses of power, time, money, or something of value to individuals and groups. Change is, however, inevitable. In this workshop, Dr. Wildermuth discusses why people “resist change.” She also introduces various leadership myths and suggests ways leaders can help their teams during change processes.

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