Nursing (BSN) Accelerated Option

Nursing (BSN) Accelerated Option Prerequisites

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program requires that students already have completed the following prerequisites. If the student's prior degree(s) does not fulfill the prerequisites, that student must enroll as a pre-nursing candidate before starting the 15-month Accelerated BSN program.

  • BIO 220: Introductory Human Anatomy (with lab)
  • BIO 240: Introduction to Human Physiology (with lab)
  • BIO 253: Introductory Microbiology (with lab)
  • MAT 152: Elementary Probability & Statistics
  • PSY 281: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 283: Developmental Psychology
  • PHI: Philosophy Distribution
  • PHI 353: Bio-Medical Ethics
  • THE: Theology Distribution
  • CS 180: Introduction to Computers

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