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Preparation for opportunities in human performance and sport-related careers

Sport and Exercise Sciences Department Sport and Exercise Sciences Programs

Sport & Exercise Sciences, through its program in Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation, is committed to providing opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff to pursue healthy and active life-styles by offering activities which lead to the development of lifetime sports skills, recreational pursuits, personal fitness, and wellness.

The Sport and Exercise Sciences (SES) Programs contribute to research-based evidence, and generate new knowledge in their respective academic fields by producing high-quality research that is locally and internationally relevant and ethically responsible. Scientific inquiry within SES develops students’ perspectives about themselves and the world around them, while fostering new and creative ways of thinking. It is also the foundation upon which professional practice knowledge, essential for success in a career, is constructed.

SES programs offer professional preparation for students seeking career opportunities in human performance, and sport-related areas. Available undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree are Applied Sport & Exercise Sciences and Exercise Physiology. Minors in Coaching, Exercise Physiology, and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology are also available. Seamless BS-to-MS programs are offered in Applied Sport & Exercise Sciences, and Exercise Physiology. Graduate degree offerings include Human Performance and Wellness, Athletic Training, Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology with Specialization in Human Performance and Wellness, and Sport, Exercise, and a Dual Degree - Master of Science in Performance Psychology and Master of Business Administration.

We aspire to be the program of choice for students majoring in sport and exercise sciences who desire an international, premium, ethically-based, and market-related education.

Sport and Exercise Sciences Programs

  • Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences, BS

    Prepares students to examine and apply the knowledge and skills learned in sport, exercise, and recreational settings while working to improve current fitness challenges prevalent throughout society.

  • Athletics Training, BS

    Acquire the theory and hands-on clinical experiences needed to become a certified Athletic Trainer and prepare for career opportunities involving the care, prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of sport-related injuries.

  • Exercise Physiology, BS

    Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement exercise programs for health promotion, sport performance and rehabilitation.

  • Human Performance and Wellness, MS

    The MS in Human Performance and Wellness program offers four areas of specialization: athletic training, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

  • Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, MS

    Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology can provide you with the basis for understanding the thought processes and attitudes of athletes and individuals involved in sport, exercise, and non-sport performance activities.

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