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Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law Career Services Office

The Career Services Office (CSO) provides comprehensive services covering all aspects of career planning and professional development. CSO provides individual career counseling; career resources such as a job search database, resumes and cover letter guides and samples, salary information, links to career-related websites, and other resources; workshops and programs; recruitment opportunities, on campus interviewing, and job fairs.

Office Hours and Location

Monday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

We are located on the first floor of the Andreas Law Center at 6441 East Colonial Drive in Orlando.

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Connect: Visit Barry Connect (Facebook) for upcoming events, fresh resources, current articles and the latest job postings. View photos and videos of events you missed. Keep up, keep in touch.  Visit Barry Connect Facebook.

Career Services Office Employment Data

In deciding whether and where to attend law school, please keep in mind that many factors will affect your job search - including the economy, the job market, employers' hiring needs and budgets, your academic record, professional experience, leadership experience, extracurricular activities, community service, geographic and employment interests, interview skills, professional and personal contacts, and individual effort. With so many variables, we cannot guarantee a specific job or career path, a definite time-frame for securing employment, or a particular salary. However, we offer a variety of services and pledge to work hard with you and on your behalf. Please see our Vision and Mission Statement.

Career Services Office Future Students

Career Services welcomes you to explore our website and resources available to students and alumni for all aspects of career planning and career development. You can also make appointment Request with us.

Services Offered

Individual Career Counseling: The CSO staff meets with students individually to discuss career goals and legal credentials, identify strengths and experiences, explore traditional legal and non-traditional career paths, and otherwise provide guidance on career planning and professional development.

Career Resources: Career Services maintains an online database, Barry Connect, which contains job postings, fellowship and internship opportunities; resume and cover letter writing guides and samples; salary information; links to career-related websites; and other resources. We continually review these resources and capture the latest information to make available to students. Visit the Develop tab to the left to access some of these resources.

The CSO library located in our office suite, is available to students and contains a wide variety of publications and resource materials on career issues and self-assessment, alternative career paths, interviewing techniques and many other subjects. In addition, we maintain a number of directories listing attorneys, firms, corporate counsel, and public interest and governmental organizations. The library also houses a computer, printer and fax machine for student use, at no charge if directly related to job searching.

Job Searches: Barry Connect lists openings for students, including part-time and full-time positions, internships, fellowships, alternative careers, and volunteer activities. We update the database daily and it is accessible from any computer. Students can establish a personal job profile based on various criteria and receive automatic notices via email when a position is posted that matches the profile.

Workshops and Programs: The CSO sponsors numerous panel discussions, speakers, presentations, and workshops throughout the year to educate students on career opportunities, meet practicing attorneys from private and public sector employers, and provide necessary skills training. Visit our Facebook page to see highlights and photos of some of our past events.

Recruitment, On Campus Interviewing, and Job Fairs: The CSO coordinates recruitment activities between students and employers through on-campus interviews, resume collections and job postings on Barry Connect. The CSO also facilitates student participation in off-campus recruiting programs, job fairs, and conferences.

Career Services Office Current Students

Career Services welcomes you to explore our website and resources available to students and alumni for all aspects of career planning and career development. You can also make an Appointment Request with us at

Barry Connect: If you cannot access your account, contact Career Services.

Visit the Develop section to access other CSO resources, or make an appointment request with us for individualized career counseling.

Career Services Office Alumni

Barry Connect

Barry Law alumni have access to job postings and other career resources on Barry Connect, the CSO online database. Graduates can obtain a username and password by contacting the CSO at

Alumni Community

Barry Law Alumni have their own online community in which to network with fellow alums regarding the client referrals, career paths, the Barry Law Alumni Association, or even just to catch up. Alumni can obtain a username and password from Brigitte Debbarh at 321-206-5627 or

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Barry Connect. Search for or add job postings, clerkship, and other opportunities.

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