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Filming and Photography


  1. Filming in any campus facilities must be specified in the application and approved by CES. Filming will only be permitted in the areas specified in the Agreement for Facility Use. No filming is permitted in the residence halls or other housing facilities.
  2. Lessee must provide a complete script/story board must be provided for all filming and photography requests, and must be approved by the University for content before final confirmation can be given.
  3. All parking arrangements must be approved by the Office of Public Safety. Parking for trucks and trailers is extremely limited. Lessee should visit the campus at least five (5) days prior to shoot date to finalize special parking arrangements.
  4. Unless requested by the lessee, the Barry University Office of Public Safety shall determine the required number of security officers and/or uniformed police officers. Lessee is responsible for any costs for security coverage.
  5. Everything lessee wishes to bring in terms of set dressing, special effects, large equipment, vehicles, etc. must be fully disclosed two (2) working days prior to the shoot.
  6. Notice of cancellation must be received no less than two (2) business days prior to scheduled shoot date. Lessee is responsible for any labor or direct costs Barry University has accrued at the time of cancellation.
  7. The lessee is prohibited from interference or interruption of all regular classes, educational activities, events, or other normal operations of Barry University. The University reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the lessee’s activities to ensure that such interference does not occur. The University has the right to expel Lessee from the Property if they unreasonably interfere with the University’s normal operations by failing to adhere to University guidelines.
  8. Lessee agrees that it will not photograph, film or otherwise use in any manner whatsoever the name, logos, trademarks or symbols of Barry University or any of its departments, divisions, faculty, employees or students without first obtaining the written permission from the University.
  9. Lessee agrees that they will not broadcast, print, transmit, or otherwise disseminate any images of identifiable individuals, whether students, employees, or otherwise, without specific signed permission of such individuals, copies of which will be provided to the University upon request.
  10. Lessee agrees that any and all images and recordings, including but not limited to, all still photographs, all motion pictures, including but not limited to, film, video, and digital motion pictures, and all audio recordings may only be used in connection with, or as part of, the program. Lessee must seek written permission from the University if they wish to in any way utilize, sell, distribute or in any way or form transfer all or any portion of the recordings for any purpose not specified in the agreement for facility use.

Restrictions and guidelines of the contract are specific to each individual filming/photo shoot and are strictly enforced.

Fees for Filming and Photography

NOTE: All fees listed below include the cost for use of each location, parking and one (1) security monitor. Should there be a need for more than one (1) officer (as determined by the University), you shall pay an additional rate of $15/hour per officer. Overtime rates apply after eight (8) hours. One officer is required for every 100 cast/crew members and/or one officer at each location being utilized. Additional officers may also be required when shooting on main campus.

In addition, certain locations or special requests that require the use of other University personnel will result in additional charges.


  • $2,000/day - any interior shots or any filming done on main campus
  • $1,500/day - all exterior shots on main campus


  • $1,000/day – any interior shots or any photography done on main campus
  • $700/day – all exterior shots on main campus
  • $500/day – editorial shoots
*** A fee equal to one-half of your location fee will be charged per day for any additional days that are required for set-up or strike.

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