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Our Policies


  • Any organization or individual wishing to use Barry’s facilities for their conference or special event must submit an Application for Facility Use to the CES office. Space reservations will be made based on availability in accordance with University scheduling guidelines. All Barry University events are priority, and any rental agreement can be cancelled at the discretion of the University through the Conference and Event Services Department.
  • Bookings will only be confirmed with the receipt of a room deposit. Deposits and fees must be paid by the dates indicated in your Agreement for Facility Use.
  • All Barry University events are priority, and any rental agreement can be cancelled at the discretion of the University through the Conference and Event Services Department.
  • The time limit for rentals is eight (8) hours up to 12:00am. Any event lasting past 12:00am, the lessee will pay an additional fee of $160.00 for every two hours past midnight. The time limit includes the set-up, event, and clean-up.
  • Barry University reserves the right to have access to all areas used during a lessee’s reservation.


Any organization or individual wishing to use campus facilities must provide proof of liability insurance.

Room Damages

  • The lessee assumes full responsibility for all damage to the contents of the rental area on the rental date requested, which includes all furniture and fixtures, doors, restrooms, appliances, signs, and any equipment.
  • The security/damage deposit will be refunded three (3) weeks after the event has taken place, less any charges, if any, have been incurred. If damages are in excess of the deposit amount, the lessee agrees to pay for the repairs upon receipt of the invoice from Barry University.
  • The lessee agrees to take precautions to protect from damage University property and all portions of the facility. It is the lessee’s responsibility to maintain order of and for all people attending the event. If, in the opinion of University personnel or Public Safety department, individual(s) attending the event are behaving in a manner which could result in injury to themselves or other, those individuals will be required to leave the facility and University premises. If University personnel or the Public Safety department determines that an event may be reaching a point of disorder that could result in injury or could damage facilities, the event will be stopped and NO money will be refunded.
  • Cancellations
  • Events cancelled more than three weeks (21 days) prior to the scheduled rental date will receive a full refund. If lessee cancels event within 3 weeks of the rental date, renter will be subject to a $100.00 service charge.


  • All rental fees are to be paid in full ten (10) working days prior to rental date. All payments must be paid by check or debit/credit card. Failure to pay fees within the time period noted on the contract may result in the automatic cancellation of the event, and loss of rental deposit.


  • The lessee must be present at all times while the event is in progress.
  • All events for youth under the age of 18 must be chaperoned by 1 adult per every 12 minors.
  • Events found without proper supervision of the lessee will be terminated and asked to leave the premises. No Refund will be granted.
  • Alcohol/Smoking
  • Barry University has a strict no smoking, no alcohol policy. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or smoking inside our facilities is NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME Events or persons consuming alcoholic beverages or smoking on the premises will be asked to leave, the event will be terminated and no refund of money will be given.
  • Rental Equipment and Supplies
  • Any and all equipment rented for an event or supplied by the lessee is strictly the responsibility of the lessee. Barry University, its trustees, officers, and agents are not responsible for rented equipment or supplies, and cannot sign for deliveries. The lessee must be present to sign for any and all deliveries to Barry University. Any rented tables and chairs must be set-up and broken down by the lessee. Barry University is not responsible for folding and stacking rented tables and/or chairs after an event.

Parking and Security

  • Parking for all guests is in the commuter lot located on North Miami Avenue in front of the Health and Sports Center. It is the lessee’s responsibility to inform guests on proper parking location. Any parking violations are the responsibility of the lessee. Any damages resulting from illegally park vehicles are also the responsibility of the lessee.
  • The University is not responsible for any personal belongings or property of the lessee or any guest of the lessee. However, in the event that the lessee or its guest should lose any articles or personal belongings, the lost and found office is located in the Thompson Hall building in the Department of Public Safety.
  • Publicity
  • All printed material mentioning Barry University must be approved by CES prior to printing and distribution.
  • Publicity materials for the event are not to be placed on painted surfaces, doors, windows, trees, trash cans, ATM machines, chairs, and glass surfaces. A fee of $50.00 or the actual cost for repairs, which ever is less, will be charged if the University must remove the publicity or make repairs due to improper posting.


  • The use of decorations is allowed, but decorations may not damage ceiling tiles, painted surfaces, and existing furnishings and should not be fire hazards. After the event, the lessee must ensure that the decorations are removed and facility is returned to its original condition, i.e. take down all decorations including tape, strings, and all residuals or the lessee will be charged.
  • All clean-up is the responsibility of the lessee, not Barry University. The lessee must ensure that the facility is returned to its original condition, i.e. all trash pick up and place in trash bins, all decorations remove, etc. Any facility that is not cleaned after an event, there will be no security deposit refunded.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • In accordance with the provisions of ADA, certain services, facilities and/or accommodations may be required for participants in the conference. It is the organization’s sole responsibility to determine whether such needs exist and whether the University has the capability to provide for them. The organization also has the responsibility to pay all costs for such services, equipment or facilities furnished by the University at the request of the organization.
Any exception to the above policies must be made in writing and approved by the Conference and Event Services Department.

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