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The R. Kirk Landon Student Union provides several services for Barry University's students, faculty, staff, and community visitors. The building houses the Student Union office, includes a fitness center, two dining halls, the departments of Career Services, Public Safety, Counseling Services, Office of Accessibility Services, Student Health Services, Housing and Residence Life, and other Mission and Student Engagement offices. 

The Student Union office, which is located on the first floor, takes pride in managing the student union building and is responsible for its operations. The staff of the Student Union upholds an array of services including Concierge Services, ID services, the university information channel, cable services, and union event services.

Guidelines & Procedures Department & Offices

The R. Kirk Landon Student Union is the community center of the university, providing an environment that supports the mission and values of the institution through programs and services that meet the needs of our diverse campus population. As a student-centered organization, the student union facilitates co-curricular programs and services that encourage self-realization, personal growth, and an appreciation for diverse cultures, perspectives, and people.

Hours of Operations

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    Student Union Office

    Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

    Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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    Landon Student Union Building

    Monday - Sunday: 6am - 1am.
    **Hours are Subject to Change During Recess Periods, Summer Semesters, and Holidays.

Meal Plans

All resident students are required to be on the board meal plans. Information regarding meal plans can be obtained by visiting Meal plans are also available for commuter students, and this information can be obtained by visiting Purchase of Commuter Meal Plans are obtained through the Cashiers/Business Office in Farrell Building, Room 110.

  1. University ID card is required at each point of sale. A student's ID card must only be used by the person to whom it is issued.
  2. The meal plan week begins with breakfast on Friday and ends on Thursday. Unused weekly meal swipes on plans do not carry over from week to week.

ID Policies

Student, faculty, and staff photo identification cards are issued at the time of the initial registration at the university. It is expected that the ID card will be retained throughout the cardholder's time

at Barry University. Employee ID cards must be validated for each year. Student ID cards must be validated for each semester.

  • A refund request of Flex Bucs begins at the Student Union Office located in the Landon Student Union. Please note the following information:

    • Deposits carry over from semester to semester.
    • Additional funds can be added to this account at any time during the semester at the Student Accounts Office, Farrell 110.
    • Unused funds will be credited back to the student account. The student will need to contact Student Accounts to discuss refund eligibility.
    • A University ID card is required for all Flex Bucs account purchases.
    • Any systematic problems with the University ID card must be taken to the Student Union Office for resolution.

    For any additional information or help, please contact the Student Union Office. You can ask questions in person on the first floor of the Landon Student Union building in room 103. You can also call (305)899-4900, or e-mail

  • Students are expected to carry their identification cards at all times. The Buc Card should be used only by the student whose name and picture appears on the card. When requested by a Public Safety officer, students are required to produce their identification card.

    This card is a student's official university identification; it must be carried at all times for admission to dining facilities, athletic and cultural events, library, student elections, and for the use of university facilities and services.

    A university ID card can only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of an ID card will result in the card being confiscated and all persons involved being referred to the University Judicial System.

    Smart Card Acceptable Use Policy

  • A lost or stolen BUC Card must be reported to the Student Union office as soon as possible.

    The cardholder will be liable for all financial transactions including meal plan transactions on the card until it is reported to the Student Union Office as lost or stolen. By reporting the BUC Card as lost/stolen, it will be deactivated to prevent misuse and placed on hold. If found, the cardholder must bring the BUC Card to the Student Union office to have the account reactivated. If the card is not found, the BUC Card will be re-issued with a new encoding card number. Previous balance and account history will carry forward to the new card number. Students are now able to disable a lost or stolen ID card through their MyBarry account.

    The fee for re-issuing a BUC Card is $15.00; this fee will be automatically charged to the student’s Barry account.

    The fee for re-issuing all clinical badges are $5.00 cash and this must be paid at the time when the new badges are issued.

    Students are now able to disable a lost or stolen ID cards through their MyBarry account.

  • The Student Union Office understands and maintains individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality of students, faculty, and staff.

Flex Bucs

Flex Bucs is a student and faculty account that works similarly to a debit account. The "dollars" are accessed with a University ID card and can be spent like cash at the dining hall and all on-campus cafés, and convenience stores. Also, Flex Bucs are accepted at Bookstore to purchase books, supplies, apparel, and more.

  • Students:

    • Instantly add Flex Bucs to your account through the GET website or the GET mobile app. The funds can be added through either platform with a debit or credit card. Parents and Guardians can also add Flex Bucs to their student's account through the GET platforms.
    • To Add/Purchase Flex Bucs: Log into the GET mobile app or website, select "Deposit Funds" followed by "Credit Card Purchase" and choose "Flex Bucs". When prompted, add your form of payment and choose the amount of Flex Bucs you would like to add to the account.
    • Funds can also be added in-person at the ID office, which is located in Landon Student Union Room 103, with a concierge representative or the Flex Bucs Load Station located directly outside the office.
    • Requests for billing against excess Financial Aid, loans or scholarship funds to your Flex Bucs account are done with the Student Accounts office by emailing the request and specific amount to


    • Instantly add Flex Bucs to your account through the GET website or the GET mobile app. The funds can be added through either platform with a debit or credit card.
    • Funds can also be added in-person at the ID office, which is located in Landon Student Union Room 103, with a concierge representative or the Flex Bucs Load Station located directly outside the office.
    • Flex Bucs are accepted at all dining locations and the bookstore on campus.
    • Flex Bucs may be purchased at any time during the academic year directly from the GET platforms or in-person at the ID office.
    • Flex Bucks continue to roll over until you graduate, withdraw, or transfer from the University.
    • Any unused Flex Bucs automatically roll over from semester to semester and to the next academic year.
    • After the student graduates, withdraws, transfers or has two years of inactivity on the patron’s Flex Bucs account, any remaining unused Flex Bucs shall be forfeited, and become the property of the University.
    • The same rule applies to all faculty and staff Flex Bucs accounts that have resigned or been terminated by the University.

Concierge Services

  • If you should need assistance, contact the IT Support Desk.

    Phone: (305) 899-3604



    Walk-in: Garner 234

    Hours: Weekdays, 7:30 am to 9:00 pm

  • Any problems with vending machines on campus, including refunds, can be addressed in person at the Student Union Office in the Landon Student Union, room 103.

  • The Student Union office is a convenient location to make copies, place local phone calls, and send out faxes. Most services are free of charge. Long-distance phone calls require calling cards. Please be advised that the student union does not provide calling cards; they are available for purchase inside the bookstore.

    It is important to know that all copies and faxes are handled by the student union staff, and any unclaimed faxes will be destroyed at the end of the day.

    If you should feel the need to make a large number of copies, please make arrangements with the business center, located in Thompson Hall.

    Fax: (Including cover page)
    Local  Free
    Long Distance $0.50 per page
    Copies (Maximum of 10) $0.05/copy
    Scan Free
    Local Call Free
    Long Distance Call Must provide calling card
  • The Student Union office can provide the Miami Shores Shuttle information as well as other transportation information upon request.

    For more information, visit the Miami Shores Village homepage

Events Resources

Whether you're planning a meeting, conference party, luncheon, workshop, vendor fair, or any other type of event, the resources listed below have been developed to assist you. You will find helpful hints and checklists to guide you through the event planning process from start to finish. Please take the time to review these items before organizing your next event.

Reservations Policies & Procedures

Facility Services

  • The Student Union Office manages cable television for all residence halls and campus offices. Requests for cable TV service can be submitted to

    You will need the free Adobe Reader to view these files.

    • All requests must be submitted to one week prior to air time.
    • All requests must have the approval of the sponsoring organization's president and other approved board member.
    • The correct pixel aspect ratio of TVs is 1280 x720 pixels at approximately 150 dpi.
    • All requests must include air dates.
    • The maximum display period is capped at two weeks for all requests.
    • Acceptable file formats for the Info Channel are: jpg, psd, bmp, pub, tiff, and pdf files.
    • Content material may not promote outside organizations or events not sponsored by Barry University.
    • All text must be legible, and large enough to be seen from a distance.

    All your questions must be addressed to:

    The Student Union Office
    Phone: 305-899-4900

  • Maintenance or service requests should be submitted online through the Facilities Management work order system. If you should need assistance immediately, please call (305) 899-3785.

  • The university has designated suitable areas in most buildings for the purpose of providing a place to post notices. The purpose of this set of procedures is to outline guidelines for the general posting and distribution of publicity material(s) as well as provide guidelines for the use of designated places on campus for the posting of said material(s).

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