Grants & Sponsored Programs

Welcome to Barry University's Department of Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP)

Mission Statement

Barry University’s Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs commits itself to the support of Barry faculty, staff, and students in pursuit of external funding for the betterment of the individual, the institution and the surrounding community. An engaged and robust sponsored programs culture enriches Barry’s path to knowledge and truth, encouraging a more inclusive community which advances social justice and collaborative service.

Vision Statement

In keeping with Barry University’s core commitments of Knowledge and TruthInclusive CommunitySocial Justice, and Collaborative Service, the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs will operate with the following vision:

  • To build an engaged and empowered grants culture by demystifying the grant process, making it easily understandable and approachable to all.
  • To inspire a shared vision, striking a balance between support and compliance.
  • To ensure optimal processes and procedures through continuous feedback and evaluation.
  • To increase proposals and awards in ways that support the mission, vision, and guiding principles of Barry University.

Contact Information

Michelle L. Gooding, MSM, CRA, CPRA
(305) 899-3058

Carolina Pizarro
Senior Grants Specialist:
(305) 899-4703

Norma Marty
Senior Grants Specialist:
(305) 899-3356

Grants & Sponsored Programs (GSP) Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are many websites that provide information and one of the most comprehensive is found in the Federal Government's website. It provides a helpful reference, Grants 101, that explains the phase of a grant from the application process, through awards and award management all the way to close-out of projects.

  • All full time Barry University faculty and staff are eligible to be Principal Investigators. Employees or appointees with Barry University (i.e – part-time staff, adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, and postdoctoral associates) may be PIs with the endorsement of the department director/chairperson and appropriate senior administration approval. All PIs and Co-PIs must be listed and approved on the Transmittal Form. Any exceptions to this policy might be considered in a case-by-case basis.

  • Yes, Barry University is registered as an organization in PIs, Co-PIs, and key personnel need user accounts under Barry’s affiliation. These can be set up by contacting Grants & Sponsored Programs.

  • This information that is commonly requested on proposal documents may be found in the Barry University Fact Sheet.


  • This information that is commonly requested on proposal documents may be found in the Barry University Fact Sheet.


  • Cost sharing should be discussed with Grants & Sponsored Programs during the budget process and should be included in the proposal only when required. Cost share must be clearly indicated on the Transmittal Form and approval must be obtained from the party committing the resources.

  • The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review research involving human subjects. The purpose of the review is to help assure the protection of the rights and the welfare of human subjects. More information about the IRB, including the policies and procedures, can be found on their website.

  • Contact the Grants & Sponsored Programs office about your proposal prior to completing a transmittal form.

  • Grants & Sponsored Programs is happy to meet with you and discuss funding opportunities. You may also use our subscription to Grant Forward.

  • List of funders and funding opportunities are available at Grant Forward. Grants & Sponsored Programs is happy to meet with you to discuss funding opportunity.

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