Grants & Sponsored Programs

Welcome to Barry University's Department of Grants and Sponsored Programs (GSP)

Mission Statement

Barry University’s Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs commits itself to the support of Barry faculty, staff, and students in pursuit of external funding for the betterment of the individual, the institution and the surrounding community. An engaged and robust sponsored programs culture enriches Barry’s path to knowledge and truth, encouraging a more inclusive community which advances social justice and collaborative service.

Vision Statement

In keeping with Barry University’s core commitments of Knowledge and Truth, Inclusive Community, Social Justice, and Collaborative Service, the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs will operate with the following vision:

  • To build an engaged and empowered grants culture by demystifying the grant process, making it easily understandable and approachable to all.
  • To inspire a shared vision, striking a balance between support and compliance.

Contact Information

  • Michelle L. Gooding, MSM, CRA, CPRA
    (305) 899-3058

    Staycie Gabelus, MBA, MCJ
    Senior Grants Specialist:
    (305) 899-4703


  • Mercedes Cazco, MBA, CFRA
    (305) 899-4060

    Norma Marty
    Financial Grants Manager:
    (305) 899-4819

Frequently Asked Questions


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