Student Withdrawal

Office of Registrar

Thinking about Withdrawing from a Semester? Talk to someone before you withdraw from a semester!

You may be considering dropping courses or withdrawing from the university due to academic challenges, illness, family issues, or other personal circumstances. Barry University has resources that can help you stay enrolled or, if need be, learn about what happens when you drop courses or withdraw. We hope our campus resources will help you remain enrolled.

Contact us for help:

  • Financial Aid and Cashier Business Office can talk to you about options that may be available.

  • Your academic advisor can advise you about options. Please login to WebAdvisor and click “E-mail My Advisor” link located under the communication menu. 

    The Learning Center can help with tutoring and other services.

  • The Center for Counseling and Psychological Services provides free, confidential counseling services.

    If you live in on-campus, you can contact Department of Housing and Residence Life at

  • The Dean of Students provides consultation services to students in emergency situations.

Be sure you have explored all of your options before you decide to withdraw. Withdrawing can have serious consequences for both your finances and your academic progress.

If you are ready to withdraw from a semester, please follow instructions below.

Used to withdraw from the University temporarily or permanently. Withdraws a Student from all courses in the term(s) listed. *Not used for individual course withdrawal.*


Current Students: Submit completed form to your Academic Advisor for further processing.

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