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By choosing to pursue your degree at Barry, you are making a valuable investment in your future. Our staff is available to guide you through the processes of financing your degree for a seamless experience so that you can focus on your education. Visit our office on the Main Campus in Farrell Hall for in-person support or read through these important points and our FAQs to locate the information you need to make sure your accounts are in order. Whether you need help determining loan eligibility or simply balancing your account, we are here to help.  

Payment Options

  • To view your account balance and make a payment, go to

    ** For credit/debit card payments a convenience fee of 2.85% of the transaction amount will be assessed to the cardholder account. ACH transactions are Fee-Free. **

  • There is an automated phone service provided by Barry University and ACI Worldwide that will allow a credit card or checking account payment to be processed over the phone. The payer will need to know the dollar amount and student ID number prior to using this service. Payments are processed that day and will take up to 48 business hours to be applied to the student account.

    The toll-free number is 1-866-895-5003.

    ** For credit/debit card payments a convenience fee of 2.85% of the transaction amount will be assessed to the cardholder account. ACH transactions are Fee-Free. **

  • Payments can be made in person to any of the cashiers/customer service representatives at Student Accounts (located on the main Miami Shores campus, Farrell Hall, Room 110). Our hours of operation are:

    Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

    ** For credit/debit card payments a convenience fee of 2.85% of the transaction amount will be assessed to the cardholder account. **

  • Checks or US money orders payments can be mailed to Student Accounts at the address below:

    Student Accounts
    11300 NE 2nd Avenue
    Miami Shores, FL 33161-6628

    Make all checks or US money orders payable to Barry University, Inc.. To ensure that your payment is processed to the correct account, please enclose your student ID or Social Security Number on any payment you submit to us. Post-dated checks are not accepted.

  • Your tuition and fees may be completely or partially covered by your Financial Aid award. You are responsible for any remaining balance. Please also note the College Work Study program cannot be considered as credit toward your charges. Parent loans and alternative loans will not be considered as credit toward your charges until they are approved. You can check the status of your Financial Aid award through Self-Service or by calling Financial Aid (305-899-3673 option# 2).

  • In order to defer the payment of your tuition to the end of the semester you must submit to Student Accounts, within the first two weeks of the semester, an official letter from your employer on company letterhead. This document is required each semester and must state your eligibility for reimbursement and the conditions under which your company will pay your tuition and fees. The letter must include your company's policy regarding the percentage of your semester's costs they are willing to pay, the grade required for reimbursement, as well as the calendar period it covers. Additionally, you must complete a deferred payment plan form with Student Accounts. Be aware that whenever payment of your tuition is not made in full at the time of registration, but deferred to a future date, there is a mandatory deferment fee of $150.00. Also, please be aware that this fee is non-refundable. Please call Student Accounts at 305-899-3585 for further information regarding corporate payment plans.

  • Once you are registered for the term you will have the ability to sign up for a payment plan

    • Easy Online Enrollment
    • College Expenses paid overtime
    • Payments electronically processed on the due dates
    • No Interest
    • Students can assign users to make payments
    • Multiple payments versus one lump sum
    • Meet payment due dates
    • Avoid a late fee

    Re-enrollment is required each semester.

  • The Florida Prepaid College Plan is a program through which families prepay for their child’s education at a guaranteed fixed rate. It is guaranteed by the State of Florida. This program began in 1988 and is the largest Prepaid tuition plan in the country.

  • Barry University has teamed up with flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international wires for tuition payments. It's fast, simple and cost effective from any country anytime.

    • Saves money: Using flywire will save you hundreds of dollars on each tuition payment vs. traditional bank wires.
    • Quick: No more waiting and wondering if your payment has posted to your account. flywire will keep you and Barry University informed along the way.
    • Simple: no more back-and-forth with the school and the bank trying to get all the information you need to make a wire payment.

Refunds / Overpayments

Student Accounts has automated the process of issuing refund checks. All credit balances generated by financial aid will be automatically issued and mailed to your preferred address in the Registrar's system.

Please make sure that your address is correct with the office of the Registrar to ensure that you receive your checks.

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Past Due Accounts

If a student's account is left unpaid and therefore becomes delinquent, the account will be referred to a collection agency, attorney, or both. In such an event, the student agrees to reimburse the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a minimum of 33 1/3% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees that the university incurs in such collection efforts.

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Transcript/Diploma Requests

You are fully responsible for the payment of all tuition, fees, and other charges.

Consequently, no student will receive a diploma, official or unofficial transcript of credits, or official letters of degree completion until all his/her financial obligations, including any collection and/or attorney fees, to the University are paid in full. 

Any and all payment plans or deferred amounts need to be paid in full prior to release of diploma, transcript, or official letter. Credit card payments are the fastest ways to clear your account and thereby ensure the rapid release of the above items. Payments made by local checks or E-checks (ACH bank transactions) require 10 business days and out-of-state checks require 15 business days to clear the bank before your diploma/transcript/letter will be released by the University.

For Transcript Request

Registration Requirements For Loan Eligibility

To qualify for loans, you must meet the following minimum (half-time) registration requirements:

  • Undergraduate students = 6 credits or more
  • Graduate students = 4 credits or more
  • ANE students = 3 credits or more
  • Doctoral students = 1 credit or more (Education and Social Work doctoral students: 1 credit = half-time; Nursing doctoral students: 3 credits = half-time).

If at any time your credit hours drop below the half-time status, your financial aid loans will be sent back to the lender(s).

Generally, financial aid funds (loans, scholarships, grants) are not disbursed to your student account until after the add-drop period of classes. As a rule of thumb, loans are the first aids to arrive while scholarships and grants trickle in gradually as the semester progresses. You can request a refund of any excess financial aid only after the funds are physically in your account and all charges and fees have been deducted. For more information regarding refund checks please go to Refunds and Overpayments page.

Withdraws & Drops

  • A student who registers but does not attend class(es), or who stops attending class(es) for any reason after the semester has begun, will not be credited back for his/her tuition charges unless officially withdrawn from the university. Several steps must be taken for an official withdrawal:

    1. You must submit a written notice of withdrawal to the office of the Dean of your respective school.
    2. Complete a withdrawal form with your academic advisor (NOTE: only your academic advisor can officially register you for a class; similarly, only he/she can officially remove you from that class).
    3. If you are receiving financial aid, you must obtain the signature of Financial Aid.
    4. Finally, the Registrar's office must enter the withdrawal into the system and sign the form indicating the completion of the process.
    5. If you live on campus, you must complete a Housing Release Form online through your MyHousing account.

    NOTE: Tuition and room on board costs will be credited according to the following refund schedule. To receive a full credit back for all charges, your withdrawal paperwork must be entered by the Registrar's Office before the day your classes begin. Anything, thereafter can be subject to partial or no credit back.

    Read More about Eligibility for Refund.

  • Students who wish to change their registration status after the first three days of class must complete a Withdrawal Form or notify, in writing, their academic advisor/director. Students are also expected to contact the faculty member teaching the course from which they intend to withdraw.

    There is no refund when withdrawing from a course. An unauthorized withdrawal will result in a final grade of "F". Students must withdraw before the final four (4) weeks of class. The effective date of the withdrawal will be the date of formal notification to the Dean of your respected school.

  • Students who wish to change their registration status before the semester begins or during the first three days of class, must contact their academic advisor to complete and sign a Registration Adjustment Form. This form must be turned in to the Office of the Registrar.

    Eligibility for refund after dropping a course: 

    • Prior to the beginning of classes: 100%
    • Through the first three days of classes: 80%
    • After the third day of classes: No Credit

    The above percentages apply to tuition only. Lab and academic fees are NOT refundable.

Flex Accounts

Flexible Dollars Around Campus!

  • "FlexBucs" refers to a line of credit. Upon your request, funds can be placed on your Barry ID card, which can be used around campus as a debit card. This service is available to both resident and commuter students. Specifically, you can use your Flex account dollars at:

    • The Barry Bookstore - to purchase books and other supplies
    • Dining Services -
      Roussell Dining Hall, Subway, Chick-n-Grill, Outtakes, We Proudly Brew [Buc Stop Café @Thompson Hall], (Chopp'd, Wrap'd & Roll’d), Juiceblendz, Outtakes [Dominican Hall], Bucky's Cove and Le Café International
    • Business Center

    To qualify for "flexible dollars", you must be currently registered for the semester and have in your possession a valid student ID card.

    There are two ways of placing money on to your Flex account:

    • Any excess of financial aid (i.e. loans, grants, scholarships), after the cost of your tuition and fees are covered, can be placed, at your request, on to your card.


    • Login to the GetMobile app to pay and add funds to the student ID card.
  • To check your Flex account's balance or retrieve your unused funds, check your MyBarry account or call the Student Union office at 305-899-4900, (this number is located on the back of your student ID card). They will forward your remaining money back to your main student account (with Student Accounts) and you can then request a refund of this credit if this creates a credit balance on the student account. 

  • Please be aware that when pending financial aid, (your loan(s), grant(s) and scholarship(s), is used toward Flex dollars, the maximum dollar amount that can be granted each term is $800.00. In those isolated circumstances when additional funds are to be approved, an itemized list or invoice from our Follett book store must be presented to Student Accounts. The list/invoice must chronicle the additional books, supplies and/or equipment still needed, along with the total cost of those supplementary item(s) and any assessed tax and fees associated with your purchases. 

Corporate Reimbursement Deferment

In order to defer payment of your tuition to the end of the semester (specifically, until four weeks after the last day of class), you must submit to Student Accounts within the first two weeks of the semester, an official letter from your employer on company stationery. This document is required each semester and must state your eligibility for reimbursement. It must also include the conditions under which your company will pay your tuition and fees (percentage of your tuition charges they are willing to pay, the grade required for reimbursement, and the calendar period it covers).

Additionally, you must complete a deferred payment plan form the Student Accounts to finalize the postponement of your tuition payment to the end of the semester. Be aware that whenever you do not pay your tuition and fees at the time of registration and choose instead to defer payment of your charges to a future date, there is a mandatory, non-refundable deferment fee of $150.00 that will be assessed each semester. Moreover, payment becomes due immediately upon course withdrawal or course failure.

Please call Student Accounts at 305-899-3585 for further information regarding our corporate payment schedules.


  • No official academic documents (diplomas, transcripts, or letters of degree completions) will be released to students who have not paid off their payment plans (cash or credit/ debit VISA, AMEX, MC, DISCOVER).
  • Student's whose accounts have, at anytime, lapsed into collections, forfeits all eligibility of participating in future corporate reimbursements.


Employers who offer corporate reimbursement may require an invoice of your semester's charges in order to issue your reimbursement check at the end of each semester. Invoices are available on the student portal at under Student Finance-Term-View Statement. If you are also need of grades, you can view/print the grades under Grades.

Registration Statement

After registering for your classes, you can view the statement on the student portal at under Student Finance-Term-View Statement. The statement will list all your classes, the charges, any payments, any financial aid, etc.

With this documentation you may go to Landon Hall to obtain your Barry ID, parking decals and purchase your textbooks and supplies for the semester.

View Class Schedule on Student Portal

FT-1 Forms

Attention Barry University's students currently employed by the Miami-Dade County Public School system: "FT-1 forms" are required by the County for each semester you wish to be reimbursed for your tuition charges. This official documentation (of enrolment and full payment of your tuition only) is obtainable through Student Accounts. You can contact us at (305) 899-3585 or to place a request for this documentation.

The student account must be in current standing, all check payments must be cleared, and classes for the term(s) requested must be graded prior to submitting a request. Otherwise, the request will be voided. Be aware that these forms are processed in the order in which the request was submitted to us. Consequently, during high demand periods of the semester, you can expect a wait of 5 to 10 business days before your FT-1 form will be mailed to you.

Back to Barry Program 

Took a break from your undergraduate program? Ready to come back to finish your degree? The Back to Barry Program is designed to partner with you so you can earn your degree while resolving your past due account.  

The Back to Barry Program is designed for undergraduate students who:  

  • Have not earned their undergraduate degree  
  • Have not enrolled since Spring 2022  
  • Have a 2.0 GPA or higher  
  • Have completed more than 60 credits  
  • Have a balance preventing their future registration  

Back to Barry Program Benefits: 

  • Up to $750 for adult learner undergraduate students and $1,500 for traditional undergraduate students will be forgiven on the past due balance for 3 consecutive semesters, totaling $2,250 or $4,500 respectively  
  • Academic progress to complete undergraduate degree  
  • Any remaining balance, the student is eligible for a past due payment plan  
  • The student’s account will be withheld from being sent to a collection’s agency while enrolled  

Back to Barry Program Requirements:   

  • Maintain 2.0 GPA   
  • Enroll in 12 credits per semester  
  • Domestic students must submit FAFSA   
  • Florida residents must submit EASE proof of residency   
  • Sign up for past due payment plan  
  • Meet each semester with academic advisor  

The $750 adult learner aid or $1,500 traditional undergraduate aid will be applied to the past due account at the successful completion of above requirements each semester for three consecutive semesters. Credits will only be applied to the student account and not issued as a refund.  

If you would like to discuss your eligibility and path to graduation at Barry, please contact the Student Services Center

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