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Art Programs

What can the Art Program at Barry University offer you?

The Art Program at Barry University prepares you for your future life as a professional in the fields of visual art or art history and for advanced study at
the graduate level. Our small classes allow each of our student artists and art historians valuable one-on-one time with the faculty and the opportunity to develop strong bonds with fellow students. Within the Art Program the ratio
is usually one faculty member to every 15 students. 

The advising program at Barry University is unique. Upon arriving at Barry University, you will be assigned an advisor within the Art Program who will assist you through your entire educational experience. Your personal academic advisor will be there to help you with course selection and scheduling, as well as mentoring and assisting you with any other university issues you may encounter.

Art majors enjoy the congenial atmosphere of the Fine Arts Quadrangle where students and faculty from all of the arts congregate. Personal tours for both you and your family are available by appointment throughout most of the year and can be scheduled through the Office of Admissions.

Who can help you?

For Graphic Design, contact Professor Thomas Rockwell

For Ceramics, Painting & Drawing, contact Professor Angi Curreri

For Art History, contact Dr. Dan Ewing

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