Barry Student at Commencement

Barry Fund

In celebration of Barry University’s 80th anniversary, we are launching the 800 for 80 Campaign for the Barry Fund. The Campaign asks the Barry community to help us raise $800,000 more than they did last year for a total of $2 million in scholarship support for students.

Annually, more than half of Barry students report a shortfall between $2500 - $5000. These might seem like small amounts but for our students, who come from homes where family income is less than $50,000, any amount can make the difference between staying at Barry and having to drop out of college. Or, worse, they leave with a mountain of student debt that makes the life they had dreamed of seem impossible.

With your help, we can eliminate cost as a barrier and give students the tools they need to move successfully through college and thrive in life after graduation.

Please consider making a gift to open the door to opportunity for the next generation of Barry students and support the 800 for 80 Campaign.