Opportunity Fund

Opportunity Fund

The single most impactful way to support Barry University and our students is through scholarship assistance. Our students are bright, talented, and highly motivated to succeed; however, almost 70% of them have limited financial means and rely on both institutional and federal support to make ends meet. A Barry University education provides our students with a dynamic path for social mobility and places them on a trajectory for lifelong success.

Given this focus on direct student support, we created The Barry Opportunity Fund.

Gifts, at any level, to the Opportunity Fund will go directly to the financial support of our students. We ask you to consider donating to the Opportunity Fund, or if you prefer, you can designate your gift to another area of the University that is meaningful to you.

Your gift of $2,500 will support one Opportunity Scholarship for a Barry student with unlimited potential but limited financial means.

Our future at Barry University is brighter than ever, but we need our alumni and friends to partner with us at every level of involvement. We are committed to making you proud in all that we do as we strive to transform lives for a greater tomorrow.

When you give to Barry University, you transform a student's life every day. Through your sustained contributions, we are able to provide academic scholarships, develop student programs, upgrade facilities, and defray operating costs.

Monthly Giving

Make your contribution go further with a monthly gift. By creating a monthly plan, you provide a steady source of support and greatly reduce administrative costs.

With our secure online donation form, setting up a monthly gift is a simple and affordable option.

For $5 or more per month, you can help us enrich the lives of current and future Barry students. There is no big check to write and your impact adds up over time.

One-Time Gifts

One-time gifts of $10 and above are also accepted on our online donation form.