Our Students / Alumni

Current students in the Master of Science degree program in Health Services Administration work in a clinical setting (approximately 60%), in an administrative capacity (approximately 30%), or are full-time students (approximately 10%).

About 10% of our current students are international students.

Approximately 35% of our current students are looking for career advancement while 25% are looking for a career change.

The Power of Opportunity

I never really did comprehend or understand the concept of "opportunity" until I started my graduate studies in the Masters of Health Services Administration program. Before this merit I lacked an awareness that potentially cost me dozens of memorable and profound experiences. Since my appreciation of this notion I have been asked to guest speak among professionals in the health industry, guest speak at orientation, published a "healthy story" in the health department's yearly book, and was fortunate enough to attend the 139th American Public Health Association conference in Washington, D.C. I humbly and deeply feel grateful for all the opportunities that have been presented to me by the faculty and staff at Barry University's Health Services Administration program and promise to take with me a life-long lesson that will reflect positively on this fine institution. Kenneth A. Blandon, Graduate Student
Master of Science in Health Services Administration