About Student Health Services

About Student Health Services

Access to health care can be challenging for busy college students for various reasons: they are juggling classes and a work schedule, they are unable to find a provider in the area to be seen promptly, they are unable to afford the cost of the office visit fee required by their insurance, or they do not have transportation. In addition many insurance plans from other states and countries may not provide coverage in South Florida. This has resulted in unnecessary delays in treatment and in many cases high healthcare fees.

Your Barry Student Health Services is available to all full time students to provide quality primary health care. The Student Health Access Fee that is billed to every undergraduate and all graduate students living in campus housing, covers the cost of most health care services provided at Student Health Services. For more information please visit barry.edu/health-services/insurance-information/.

Students with limited out of area coverage such as a State Medicaid plan or Kaiser Permanente are urged to carefully review their policy coverage carefully before waiving the SHC sponsored insurance plan.


All medical records are strictly confidential. Only a signed form by a student (18 years or older) or parent/guardian (for students under 18) may allow a release of medical information.

Making an outside Doctor’s appointment

Make sure you state that your Barry Primary Student Insurance plan is with United Health Care PPO plan.