Honors Program

Honors Program at Barry University

Designed to push the best and brightest toward a lifetime of learning, Barry University's Honors Program challenges, enriches, and prepares especially motivated students to pursue their fullest potential. Participants will face a rigorous curriculum, more complicated issues, and tougher questions. Those selected will benefit from exploring the entire spectrum of humanity, the competition of their brightest peers, smaller classes with fewer lectures and more discussions, individualized study (with a senior honors thesis), hands-on learning, plus up to $5,000 per year with the Honors Program scholarship - provided they meet its requirements. The Office of Financial Aid can assist with determining eligibility.

Contact Name: Pawena Sirimangkala, Ph.D., Director
Phone: 305-899-3453
Office: Garner 129

Expand your thinking with Barry’s Honors Program events!

Hosted by faculty and students, the Honors Program offers the Barry community an array of edifying and interactive events throughout the year. They are focused on relevant and important topics that explore history, philosophies, or policies -- all of which speak to the issues that we face in our daily lives. There’s space for discussion and debate at these events, as well as learning from experts in their fields.

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