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IRB Purpose

The primary purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities. Barry University’s IRB meets 10 times per year, reviewing both exempt and non-exempt protocols through full board, exempt, and expedited/limited review procedures. The Barry IRB uses IRBNet*(, a web-based tool for managing protocol submission, modification, tracking, and communication and the Collaborative Institutional and Training Initiative (CITI) program for their required research ethics and compliance training ( The Office of the Provost oversees, and provides administrative support for, the Barry IRB.

Research activities reviewed by the IRB include the following:

  • Research that is sponsored by Barry University or that is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of Barry University in connection with his or her university responsibilities, or in which he or she has authorization to list Barry University as his or her university affiliation.
  • Research that is conducted by or under the direction of any employee or agent of Barry University using any property or facility of Barry University.
  • Research that involves the use of Barry University's non-public information to identify or contact human research participants or prospective participants.

Please follow the IRB Guideline IRNNET 2019 0905 (Handout) to register on the IRBNet. Once you register on the, you will have access to the IRB guidance, forms, and templates that will help you assemble the project materials necessary for the IRB review and approval.

Important Research Training Notice:

NIH will discontinue its Protection for Human Research Participants Training as of September 26, 2018. Barry’s IRB will still accept NIH Training Certificates that have been completed within 12 months of submission.

All researchers without NIH certificates or with expired certificates after the September 26, 2018 date will be required to submit research ethics and compliance training certificates from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Deadline Dates

Full Board Reviews are due on the 1st Friday of the month by 12pm (no exceptions).