Philosophy, BA

Involving the quest for understanding of life’s larger issues through critical reflection on human experience, philosophy may be the right path for you. Philosophy is related to all other academic disciplines. A major in philosophy can strengthen your analytical and interpretative skills, making you better prepared to address the challenges of the times, including the ecological crisis, genocides, ongoing wars, oppressive poverty, and financial instability.

Barry’s accomplished faculty will help you grow in your understanding of life’s larger questions as you develop competence in the basics of philosophical inquiry, thought, and study. As a Catholic University in the heritage of St. Dominic, we tap into an 800-year tradition that values the study of philosophy and emphasizes using what is learned to promote change.

If you are searching for greater understanding and want to promote social justice and peace, we invite you to find out more about Barry’s major in philosophy, life within our diverse community, admissions requirements, and opportunities for financial assistance.

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Many Barry philosophy majors have gone on to success in law school such as Jessica Cousett and Jennier Sily Marques Marques. Another philosophy graduate, Llona Kavege, is completing a Master’s of Science in Bioethics & Society.

A Bachelors & Law Degree In Six Years (3 + 3 Program)

Students in the Philosophy program also have the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a law degree in a combined six years. Details of this program can be found here.