After the Storm

Barry University
Emergency Information Hotline

Once the storm has passed our area, the campus will be assessed for damage. All maintenance, housekeeping and grounds employees should report to work immediately after the storm providing it is safe to do so. Other essential employees, including but not limited to, Information Technology and Administrative Information should follow any guidance given by their supervisors as determined by their disaster recovery plan. All other employees should wait at least 24 hours after landfall of a major hurricane in our area before coming to the campus or trying to communicate to the campus.

The first 24 hours after a major storm is a critical time during which damage assessments are made and preliminary restoration efforts are begun. Listen to media reports, particularly on local television and radio stations for campus information. Providing telephone service is available, employees should call the emergency information hotline, 305-899-4000, for information on returning to work if you do not hear any reports on local media. Employees should endeavor to communicate with their supervisors, or co-workers, for information on returning to work. The main campus number should only be called as a last resort.

If possible, a restoration meeting will take place within 72 hours of landfall of a major storm to make decisions regarding resumption of services. The following persons should contact the Emergency Operations Center, 899-3333, for details regarding meeting date, time and location:

  • President and ECA
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
  • Dean, School of Professional And Career Education
  • Director of Food Service
  • Vice President of Business Dev. & Ops.
  • Associate Vice President for Operations
  • Director of Facilities Management
  • Director of Public Safety
  • Director of Housing and Residential Life
  • Chair, Faculty Senate