About the Program

Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)

The Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) degree is of special interest to the working professional in the public and nonprofit sectors, and those individuals who want to pursue a career in the public and nonprofit sectors. The purpose of the Bachelor of Public Administration degree is to provide the student with an understanding of theory and practice essential for good governance.

Program Outcomes Include:

  • Apply the techniques of planning in public administration
  • Explain the principles of personnel management, including affirmative action, collective bargaining, and civil service
  • Identify the theories and principles controlling public finance
  • Analyze techniques for measuring public and nonprofit sector performance
  • Apply statistical methods to the budget preparation and outcomes
  • Understand the administrative due process and regulatory procedures
  • Apply the Judeo-Christian ethical framework to public policy
  • Synthesize policy issues as framed by political and administrative perspectives

Barry University understands the needs of the adult learner:

  • Classes meet once per week for seven weeks (evenings or Saturdays) and/orfully online
  • Experiential Portfolio option may provide up to 30 academic credits acquired through prior work experience and/or community service
  • Transfer previous college/university credits from regionally accredited institutions
  • Financial aid and grants available for eligible learners
  • Personal and professional academic advising

Barry is a military-friendly institution.