Bachelor of Science in Criminology

The BS in Criminology focuses on the study of historical and contemporary patterns of crime and victimization, the social etiology of criminality, social responses to crime, and the processes of crime control. Criminologists combine theoretical and empirical methods to study crime and delinquency, including the manner in which offenders are processed. The functions and dynamics of the criminal justice system are studied in detail with emphasis on the linkage between these processes and various social institutions and organizations.

Criminology is a valuable liberal arts major for students planning graduate studies in criminology/criminal justice, sociology, public administration, law, urban planning, business, social services, and community planning. The major also provides a useful background for those planning to enter the job market immediately following graduation.

Departmental faculty members serve as academic advisors for all criminology majors. Your faculty advisor will encourage you to maximize your opportunities for post graduate employment or further studies by:

  • Choosing a minor area of study and elective courses related to your intended area of employment or advanced study.
  • Acquiring practical experience through internships, research, and service-learning projects.

Career Insights for Criminology (BS)