Bachelor of Science in Sociology

The BS in Sociology focuses on the study of the interactive dynamics of social institutions, organizations, and everyday life. Sociologists combine humanistic and scientific perspectives to study urban and rural life, family patterns, social change, health care and illness, crime and violence, social class, technology and communications, social movements, and many other social issues and problems.

Sociology is distinct because it uses scientific and theoretical methods of research to investigate the social world. The degree will give you the freedom to explore multiple career paths with a greater understanding of how societies operate and change.

Sociology is a valuable liberal arts major for students planning graduate studies or careers in a variety of areas. Sociologists who become experts in their field are frequently a first point of reference on questions regarding what is going on in the world. The undergraduate sociology degree serves as excellent preparation for graduate education in sociology, family relations, criminology, demography, social psychology, public administration, counseling, social work, law, urban planning, and architecture. The major also provides a useful background for those planning to enter the job market immediately following graduation.

Career Insights for Sociology (BS)